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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost Tooth

This morning I went to wake up Tyse to get ready to go to summer day camp. This morning like most mornings he doesn't want to get up. His excuse for this morning was that he had a loose tooth and didn't want to loose it at camp (he didn't even mention the obvious sore throat).
So I dropped him off at the movie theater with the other campers and his $2.00 for a kids pack, which consists of a small popcorn, small soda and a candy of their choosing. I go to pick him up at noon and he comes over to me with a small popcorn box and an empty cup, I ask him if he had fun and if he spent all of his money, he tells me no that another boys father paid for his kids pack as long as he would sit by his son at the movie. So I told him that he needs to give his money to the father who paid for his kids pack and he tells me that he doesn't have it anymore, that he spent it on another small popcorn and told me he only has 2 quarters left and that he wouldn't have been able to afford the kids pack anyway because they raised the price to .50. I said oh ok well I will give him the money when we see him again on Monday. I told Tyse to throw away the cup and the half empty box of popcorn, he didn't seem to hear me so I walked over and threw it away in the garbage can, and we headed out the door. We see the father of the boy who Tyse sat by at the show and he asked where his son was and Tyse said that he was in a different van and would be here in a second, so we start to walk out into the pouring rain and Tyse asks me where the cup is and I tell him that I threw it away, he started to cry and I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he lost his tooth and that it was in the cup.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Favorite Food

So everything was going as normal as it could until about dinner, I took my son to one of his favorite places to eat; we order and head home, we pulled into the driveway and he offers to help bring the food in while I grab the groceries out of the back (I try to take the help when it is given). So we come in the house and I put the groceries on the counter and he is in a hurry to put his shoes away, wash his hands and get his food to eat and puts the bag on the edge of the counter and the bag drops, spilling out fries all over the floor. He starts screaming " I am an idiot, I can't even put a bag of food on the counter, I am such an idiot. I am kinda chuckling because it wasn't a big deal to me, but was obviously one to him. So we got all of the fries cleaned up off of the floor, I told him to get his t.v. tray and all of the sudden over the vacuum I hear him hitting hisself in the head with this t.v. tray and I tell him you better stop or your going to be a bruised idiot, to just try and lighten the mood, well it worked for a little bit until he sat down to start eating and he realized that he had a loose front tooth and that it was hard to take a bite of his favorite food.
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