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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Future of Ma21cuteboy & A Giveaway...

This is a little different then I or maybe you are used to but it has to be done! I have a few questions and hope you all will have the answers! How it works, I will ask some questions about some concerns or changes that may be happening on the blog and want your opinions. Please answer these & be honest, because without all of you this blog and the opportunities wouldn't be possible!!

-I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. My son isn't so little anymore and is actually a tween now and feel as though the content that I post is geared more towards a different audience. Would that turn you all off, confuse you, make you not want to visit anymore?

-Would you like to see more music reviews and giveaways? Maybe a 'Music Mania Monday?' I love music and want to bring you all some new music or that might be just new to me. I just don't want to tell my company 'heck yeah', and not have interested or entering to win.

-What do you think of the whole .com issue? Does it make you seem more 'devoted' if you have a .com rather than a free host such as .blogspot?

 -Vlogging. I have some vlogging in the works; want to do more of it. What do you like in a vlog & don't you like in a vlog?

-Recipes. I love to cook, and have to or else my son may just shrivel up and die! Do you like when I post them, do you want to see more, what kinds would you like to see?

As I stated your opinions would be very helpful and are very much needed, would I be asking if I didn't want them? Please let me know what you all want, don't want or just hate. I love to blog and love to hear your comments. C'mon you all are the reason I have this blog and the amazing opportunities. Please don't feel like you will hurt my feelings, I love constructive criticism and feel like it will make my blog better not only for me but for you as well.

To encourage you all to leave your opinions I am going to do a giveaway!!
If you leave a comment with your opinion on any of the following you'll get an entry, if you leave more than one opinion you'll get another entry etc.
What are you going to win?
Leave a seperate comment so it will count along with your email address so I can contact you if you win!
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