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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Fabric For Boys-Oh Alright For Girls Too....

Lucy of Hot Scott Patterns specializes in patterns and fabric for boys! Lucy had my ♥ at "boys" It is so hard to find cute but not babyish fabric and patterns for boys, so if you've been lookin', look no further!
Lucy also has a new fabric coming out Pacific Trade Winds. It was originally meant for just the boys, but I think that the girls will be happy with this fabric too! Did I mention it's flannel? I love flannel, it is so soft & warm!
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My Friend Reached Out, Now I am Reaching Out..

My friend Lindsay better known as "Shrimp Salad Circus" has been working on a serious project with a friend of hers. Lindsay reached out to me to help spread the word about Bridges Beyond Borders a non profit that mentors young refugees. I found that Lindsay is one amazing young woman, she is kind, compassionate and willing- so it comes to no surprise to me that she would help others. Now I am reaching out to you, can you help spread the word about Lindsay's non-profit Bridges Beyon Borders? The more we are educated the more we can help, so please head on over to Lindsay's blog to learn how you can become a mentor, more about her great cause and/or donate if your able.

Lindsay said:
I have partnered with a local middle school, and we will have 15 mentors and 15 refugee students for our first semester. I am hoping to provide each student with a brand new backpack stuffed with every single item on their school supply list, and I plan to have an event every couple months to bring the refugee students, their families, and my mentors together. I have found a sponsor, Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, to provide lots of books so that our refugee children have something to take home with them - something to call their own. These children will have the college-student mentor in their lives for an entire year, boosting their confidence, their academic achievement, and their ability to adjust to a new culture.

You can also get more information from:
Bridges Beyond Borders on Facebook
Bridges Beyond Borders on Twitter
Bridges Beyond Borders Blog
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Are you one of those ladies?

I sure am. I am a tugger, shifter, lifter, adjuster etc. I am one of those women who will hurry and duck where nobody{i least i thought} was looking to adjust my bra. I actually hate wearing a bra because I seriously don't think that I have the right size/fit for my body. When I spot the cute bra on the rack- I keep on walking because I know that somehow it isn't going to work, wether it is too tight, to loose, they are spilling over, or my back fat is bulging out. Should shopping for a bra really be this hard? I think not!

If your like me, today may be your lucky day!

Playtex recently launched a Playtex Bra Makeover a site where women can go to apply for a bra makeover or nominate a friend. If chosen, the winner will be flown to New York to receive a Bra Makeover with style expert Alison Deyette. Deyette is a fashion and trend lifestyle expert who has been featured on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker and TLC's Ten Years Younger, as well as in print publications including Good Housekeeping, The Washington Post, and O Magazine. Apply for your chance to win a Playtex Bra Makeover today. The last day to apply is Friday, May 21st, 2010.

The 10 winners selected for a Bra Makeover will also star in their very own webisode wherein a makeover candidate will receive a fitting with Deyette and walk away with the perfect Playtex products. A new webisode will premier on PlaytexBraMakeover.com every two weeks.

*By posting this information, I am entered into a contest to win a free bra from Playtex. I did not receive any compensation for this post and thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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