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Thursday, December 31, 2009

What I Wish For All Of Us......

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Simplify My Life PLEASE!!! You, Yes YOU- Want to WIN Too?

Mom Bloggers Club is giving away an HP mini 110 with windows 7 to Simplify your life, and You can win too!

This little powerful HP mini would simplify my life in the following ways:
1. I won't have to get off my blogging butt to get off the desktop  in the freezing basement and go upstairs to see why my son wants something to eat. Gosh he ate yesterday.
2. I could use it to do my homework on, I am getting my Masters in Nursing;}
3. I could take this with me 1 1/2 from home getting my chemo treatments, and blog DUH!
4. I won't have to wait my turn on the green and black desktop!{my son Chucky likes to get on there & not get off}
5. I could take this little piece of heaven in the bathroom.{for my alone time}
6. I could finally have a "safe" place to put my pics and vids!
7. I could use it to do the dishes, cooking, and cleaning, oh wait that's a husband!
8. I could use the old desktop as a door stop! {no more draft from the dungeon of a basement}
9. I could use it for my knitting, scrap booking, crocheting, and all my crafty stuff;}
10. I could definately use it on MBC!!!!
If I were to win I wouldn't be really selfish, I would share sometimes with my son-ONLY for school projects! {luckily he is only in the 4th grade} LOL

Thank you for the opprotunity!!

If you want to win something too, leave a comment because they are giving away 3 HP mini 110-1100 from Studio Tord Boontje Pc  to peeps who leave a comment on my blog or any of the other participants' blog!!!  SO LEAVE A COMMENT on how this would Simplify Your Life!!

    *pictures are mini because this is a MINI laptop*                    
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Progresso Soup Review & Giveaway....CLOSED

Progresso Soup is not only the first soup that you think of when you want to eat soup, it is also a staple in the pantry of every home.

The History of Progresso
Over 100 years ago, the business now known as Progresso Foods started. A young Sicilian, Vincent Taormina, first imported foods from Italy to meet the need for high-quality ingredients familiar to Italian-Americans.

As more family members became involved and importing grew both in volume and locations, the business merged in 1927 to become the Progresso Italian Food Corporation and the Progresso label was born.

Our story is about quality:
We craft all our soups, broths and foods from authentic recipes using only the highest quality ingredients. We are dedicated to make better soup better for you. We believe that food should be delicious and there is no reason that delicious food can't fit within your diet. At Progresso, we love great food. It's been our passion for more thatn 50 years.

In addition to the 75 great flavors of  Progresso soup, there are now 4 great tasting Progresso soups that have 28% less of your daily fiber intake per serving (7 grams) and have no added MSG or artificial flavors.
The new varieties include:
Chicken Tuscany
Creamy Tomato Basil
Hearty Vegetable & Noodles
Homestyle Minestrone

I received the Homestyle Minestrone soup, soup spoons, and really cute soup bowls with the Progresso name on both the soup spoons and bowls.

I am really picky about my soups, and I loved the Progresso Homestyle Minestrone soup was delicious, it was hearty, full of vegetables, penne noodles, and the spices were perfect. I cooked it on the stovetop. I would buy this soup and recommend to my friends.

-The soup was nice and hearty, it didn't taste as though I was eating fiber. It had plenty of vegetables, and noodles in it yet wasn't over done with too many veggies.
I liked the taste of it.
- The first ingredients listed on the can are: water, tomato paste, carrots, celery, kidney beans, potatoes, green beans, soluble corn, fiber, peas, and enriched penne pasta.

There wasn't enough. Which isn't really true, it was filling, yet it was good enough that I wanted another bowl;}

One Ma21cuteboy reader will win a can of Progresso Homestyle Minestrone soup, two soup spoons, and two generous soup bowls with the Progresso name on both the spoons and soup bowls.

How to enter:
Leave a comment here and tell me what Progresso soup is your favorite and how you like to eat it ie.crackers, grilled cheese, upside down, through a straw.
This giveaway will end on January 6, 2010
Winner will be chosen the old fashion way. GOOD LUCK!
Thank you to Progresso and My Blog Spark.
US only
I was given the Progresso soup, soup spoons, soup bowl, information, and prize pack from Progresso through My Blog Spark.

The opinions expressed in this post are my own, I was in no way paid for my review of the Progresso soup, spoons, and bowls.
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Sick Christmas.......


So it wasn't exactly what I expected. We went to my brothers' house in Salt Lake for Christmas Eve dinner, which wasn't really what I expected. I thought that we would get to hang out, visit, eat, and let the "kids" open their presents. Yeah right, I think that I said two words to my brothers wife the whole time I was there. Needless to say we sat on the couch{for 3-4 hours}, had the kids open a few of their presents and drove the two hours back home.

 Chucky wasn't really excited about his Christmas presents from Santa. I thought that he would be jumping for joy{literally} when he saw that Santa had brought him a "high quality" camera. Boy was I wrong. He acted like he didn't even get it.

Come to find out{lucky for him} that he wasn't feeling well, apparently the long drive up to Salt Lake, the long visit, the long drive home, and not to mention that Santa woke him up about 1 hour after he fell asleep could make a kid not feel so good. He was coughing, had a fever, and it was Christmas.

I hope that you all had a memorable Christmas and have a memorable New Year!

note: this is not the only present Chucky got. After he opened the "high quality" camera, I took video of the rest of the present opening. Yeah I know I am a horrible mother, I didn't get any pictures of my son opening the other presents that he got;{ He did get way to much though!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Bee's Boutique

Grosgrain Fabulous has done it again, this time it is a Baby Bee's Boutique. Custom vintage onesies!!
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ice Skating in a Winter Wonder Land

When we first got to the ice skating rink, they didn't have skates for us so we went skating in our boots.   This is Chucky's first time ice skating. He was really scared, and didn't get the hang of it.
But he had fun!

Doesn't it look fun?
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Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late...

For a very important date, CHRISTMAS! I have few more presents to finish up. I started sewing one, and have two more to finish, I have A LOT of wrapping to do, and in no time to do it!! Maybe if I got my big ole booty off of the computer, they would get done eh? Oh well my blog isn't going to write itself RIGHT?
Are all of you ready? Do you have wrapping to do? Do you have last minute buying? Do you have a lastminute gift to craft? I want to know, so I don't feel so all alone!
Have a great day!
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A Better Nights Sleep..

Mommy Mandy and Sealy Posutepedic are giving away one Innerspring Signature 11 Series of the winners choice!
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chucky's Christmas Concert

So I get a call at about 11:45a.m. from a pre-recorded message saying that Chucky's schoo was having their Christmas Concert at 1:00p.m. Imagine this: Mom not showered, not feeling so well, and being lazy in bed. So I hurry and call Nana and Papa to see it they are going to be there, Nana had to work and Papa was just finishing up his shopping{his work raises money every year for needy families in our area & then they get to go shopping for them, we like to paricipate & Papa appreciates all of the help he can get tee hee}. So I jump in the shower and head over to Chucky's school. Watching for Papa and getting worried because the 3rd grade is up there singing and I think that Chucky's class is next, well Papa got lucky, they decided to do the 5th grade instead of the 4th! WEEW! So Papa finally showed up, and Chucky's class is up there{Chucky didn't think we were coming because he didn't tell us}
 Hence Chucky looking sad:{

Why should I sing, my family isn't here to see me:{

Not really caring, nobody is here to watch me.

He finally see's us after the concert was over!    

There were swing dancers in front of them dancing so that is why he is looking down.
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Snowed In....

One week ago, we got snow, quiet a bit of it.
We shovel "all" of our neighbors driveway, because she is elderly and has her elderly parents living with her{she usually pays somebody to do it, they hadn't been by at all yet} When he finally came, he got stuck in her driveway. Chucky got on his 4 wheeler and pulled him out!
He was so excited, he was hoping that someone else would get stuck so that he could pull them out!

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A Hello.....

My Little Reviews is having a short giveaway.
It is a HP Pavillion dm3 Ultra-thin laptop!!
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Burlap & Blue....

Kathleen at Grosgrain Fabulous has done it again, a great giveaway from Burlap and Blue.
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Sew Liberated...

At Grosgrain Fabulous of course! A giveaway for Sew Liberated, a how-to book by Meg McElwee.
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Party Skirt....

She has done it again, I wish that I had an ounce of the talent that Kathleen has.Check out the giveaway for the party skirt at:  Grosgrain Fabulous.
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Does it get cuter?

Grosgrain Fabulous has done it again! This time it is a giveaway from Neige:}
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

100th Post....

I have been soooo busy, when I did my posts yesterday, I didn't even notice that I was at 100 posts!
So what am I going to do? Well I don't know yet! LOL I would like to do something Awesome for the people that come and read my blog{you know who you are;} and leave comments- I comments. So I am asking for some ideas.......

Here are some of my ideas:
d. All of the above

What type of giveaway would you like?

Please let me know what type of giveaway that you- my readers would like, because hopefully you will be the ones entering to win. I can not afford a plasma t.v. sorry:{
Here are a few examples:
Homemade Giveaway
Sweets Giveaway :p
***Don't be shy***
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling Squares

     Ghirardelli  "Say Gear-ar-delly!"

I received a sample of Ghirardelli's creamy milk chocolate squares filled with  peanut butter and perfectly roasted crunchy peanuts from She Speaks.                                                       

As America's longest continuously operating chocolate manufacturer, Ghirardelli has established its position as America's premium chocolate company for more than 150 years.

We are one of very few American manufacturers that make chocolate starting from the cocoa bean through to finished products. Throughout the process, we take special steps to ensure that our premium chocolate delivers our signature intense, smooth-melting chocolate taste.

    The Ghirardelli Difference

•Intensive quality assurance in the selection of cocoa beans means that Ghirardelli accepts only the highest-quality beans. We reject as many as 40% of the beans that are offered to us. Beans that are not selected are sold to other manufacturers.

•In all of its chocolate product, Ghirardelli uses a proprietary blend of cocoa beans that has been refined over the company's 150-year history to provide the company's distinct and intense chocolate taste.

•Ghirardelli roasts the cocoa beans in-house to ensure the company's signature flavor profile is consistently maintained in all chocolate products. We also use a different roasting process whereby we remove the shell first and then roast the small nibs inside. Because the nibs are fairly uniform in size, we have more control over the temperature and time, so we can get a more specific flavor. Other companies roast their beans before removing the shell, which requires over-roasting the outside portion of the bean in order to roast the inside. This could impart a burned flavor to their chocolate.

•Finally, Ghirardelli uses an intensive refining process to ensure that its chocolate truly melts in your mouth! Ghirardelli has no grainy feel because we refine most of our chocolate flakes until they are 19 microns (human hair is 100 microns in diameter). Other mass market chocolates are refined to only 40 microns.
* What I liked:
- I liked the creamy milk chocolate
- I liked the peanut butter filling
- I liked the crunch peanuts
- It melts in your mouth
*What I didn't like:
- There wasn't enough:p
- It melts in your mouth!

- It has just enough peanut butter filling.
- It is not over loaded with roasted crunchy peanuts.
- It is finger licking good:p

Do you know when chocolate is not of good quality and it leaves a bad after taste in your mouth?
Well that WILL NOT happen with Ghirardelli's chocolate!
I want to say Thank you to She Speaks for the opprotunity to review Ghirardelli's milk chocolate squares filled with peanut butter, and  perfectly roasted crunchy peanuts.
I received a free sample of Ghirardelli milk chocolate squares filled with peanut butter and coupons from She Speaks.
The opionions expressed are my own.
I was not paid by Ghirardelli or She Speaks.
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It's My Golden Globe......

I received this awesome award from my friend Jen at Jael Custom Designs.
She has an awesome blog!

So as I accept this award; pass it to 5 other deserving blogs, I need to tell you about 5 things that I like to do.

1. I enjoy spending time with Chucky, yeah he sometimes drives my crazy sometimes, but I couldn't have it any other way! We enjoy going to the movies, playing games, reading stories, snuggling, and just chillaxin!
2. I enjoy eating! I love to try new foods, and L-O-V-E baked goodies:p So that brings me to cooking, I do like to cook, but not as much as I love to eat, If I made it, it probably isn't edible:{ But at least I tried.
3. I am enjoying the blogging world! It is really awesome getting to know people that you never would have known if it weren't for the internet! All of the peeps that I have met have been so nice. I like being nosy!
4. I enjoy alone time, I do like going to the movies by myself:) I like being able to sit through a movie without handing "someone" else their popcorn, soda, or snack. I like that I don't have to accompany that certain someone to the restroom when it's just getting good, I don't like sharing my snacks, and I like saving that extra money!! LOL
5. I enjoy crafting, I just learned how to sew , I taught myself how to knit, although it isn't as professional as I want it to be, it'll get there. I love making cards, bracelets, hair bows, barrets, and scrapbooking.{I know it sounds funny that I like making all of the girly things when I have a boy, but that's why I  it}

Don't forget the rules:
Grab the award
Post it on your blog,
along with 5 things that you like to do
Pass to 5 blogs{people} you'd like to recognize.
*Don't forget to tell them about the award*

Now onto the others who have been bestowed this fabulous award:
Drum roll please.............................................................................
Ashley at Lil Blue Boo
Brandy at The Doty Bunch

Thank you Jen!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Came to Town...

I took Chucky last week to see the "Big Man." He was so nervous, I don't know why, he was going over his list in the car. We got there, Chucky sat on his lap, Sant asked what he wanted, and Chucky said "Lego's"..... Um when did you decide you were asking for Lego's? Santa said "Is that all?" Chucky said, "Yeah." The lady snapped  a picture, {while I sat there and fumbled with my DAMN camera} and we were off. As Chucky and I were walking I asked him "When did you decide that you wanted Lego's?" He said, "When I sat down, my mind went blank, and that's what popped into my head!" "So what kind of Lego's?" He takes me to the toy's where the Lego's are and shows me between 10-15 Lego set's that he wants from Santa and from me.
I haven't bought one thing yet for him, let alone have the money for Lego's. Have you seen how much Lego's cost lately? Wow! They cost about the same amount as a good sewing machine.

Here is a cute picture of Chucky and the Big Guy.... 

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Last minute gift idea.....

If you have a last minute gift to get,  check this company out!!!

I had a great experience from a host of a giveaway.....

I won a giveaway at A Giveaway Everyday. It was a great giveaway, I didn't think that I would win; much to my surprise- I DID! I was contacted, sent my item request, and sent my information. I got an email a little bit later stating that my requested item was out of stock:{ I sent a new request to find it was out of stock also:{
But wait, it got better from there. I got sent a giftcode to order if my requested item came back in stock. Well it DID!!! So I order it using my gift code- It doesn't work, I try again to no avail:{ I contact the company they said they reset the gift code and to try again. I tried again, nope nada, nothing, so I email them again {I was a real pain in the ass}. she then sent me another gift code. It WORKED!! I order my item request, email the company back to let her know that it worked.
 I received great customer care, I received prompt responses, and I received a beautiful product!
If you still don't have all of your shopping done, I HIGHLY reccomend this company!!
I was a giveaway winner, not a paying customer, and they treated me like I was their "BEST" customer!
Are you ready to find out who this company is??

It is LuShae Jewelry.
Here is a picture of the earrings that I pick from LuShae....

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The Fashionable Housewife...

The Fashionable Housewife is hosting a giveaway, she is giving a Coach handbag:)
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The Fashionable Housewife....

The Fashionable Housewife is having an awesome giveaway.... An HP Envy Laptop with windows 7!
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bitch & Moan....

Ok, this is my Bitch & Moan,

I am a single mom with cancer, and a full time student. I don't have money to do "Christmas", but I am making it work. So this isn't my bitch & moan, but I will tell you what is: Those people who are on every Angel Tree in our town, they don't work{are able}, shouldn't be on the tree in the first place, or only be on one. I am struggling to make a good life for my son and myself and just seeing them with their kids on a new bike, with another one sitting in the driveway because they put their name on every Angel Tree. I didn't put my name on the Angel Tree, because I know that there are more people needing those coats, shoes, and gifts more than me and Chucky. But shouldn't there be some type of rule about putting your name on more than one Angel Tree? I think yes, some of those people that are on the Angel Tree don't even get picked, and what happens to them? Anyway, this makes me sooooo angry!

If you want to participate in Bitch & Moan just write your post and link up at Fairyblog Mother!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Scrooge or Slacker....

You decide, am I a scrooge or a slacker.

a. I don't have my tree up yet.
b. Only got some shopping done.
c. No lights up outside.
d. Not ready until next Christmas
e. No idea what do for teacher's gift,
    bus driver, and Ms.Curtis{aide that helps Chucky}
f. Not feeling it.
g. Maybe because I don't feel ready.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

With a Strawberry on Top....

Well Grosgrain Fabulous did it again! These little hats are sure to delight your pumpkin, elf, santa, strawberry, cupcake.... LA Originals makes these adorable hats that you just want to eat!
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I Want A Pair For Me....

Grosgrain Fabulous has done it again!! These little bloomers from Little Mave are so precious. I want a pair for myself:) Maybe we could arrange something!!! LMAO
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Twitter Help....

I hate starting new stuff because some people are just sooooo mean when you ask for help. I started tweeting so my sister and I could talk {without kiddos ears} Well she is new too,{not as shiny & new as me} but doesn't really know everything about Twitter. Sorry my ADD took over- If someone could please help me better understand this "TWEETING" I would really appreciate it!! The older I get the more advanced and harder they make all of this shit:{ Chucky is more advanced then I, but I don't want him to know about Twitter until after Christmas LOL!
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Give the Gift of Community...... Blue Frog

"Come interact with other readers of this blog and help The Children's Hospital at the same time! BlogFrog is sponsoring the "Give the Gift of Community" challenge to its members to inspire blog readers to connect with their peers in communities this holiday season. If this blog gets 20 new participants to start or reply to a community discussion, BlogFrog will donate $10 to The Children's Hospital, one of the top 10 hospitals in the country for kids and teens. Don't be shy, HoP on over to my community and meet your fellow readers! Happy Holidays!

Here's how to participate:

1. Install a BlogFrog community on your site (if you already have one, you are one step ahead!). Just visit Blue Frog to get instructions on how to install a community (takes 5 minutes).

2. Make sure the widget is high enough to be easily seen by your visitors.

3. Announce your community to your readers in a post and tell them about the "Give the Gift of Community" challenge. For every community that adds 20 new participants (someone who has not participated in your community before and starts a discussion or replies to one) before the end of the year, BlogFrog will donate $10 to The Children's Hospital (up to $400)!

4. Spread the word about your new community by sharing discussions on Twitter and include the #blogfrog hashtag so other BlogFrog members can join and re-tweet.

5. Every community that adds at least 20 new participants during the campaign will be promoted in our next newsletter and on our website as "Blogs that gave the gift of Community".

BlogFrog keeps track of new participants and will be posting about the fund-raising progress in its members community, on Twitter, and Facebook.

BlogFrog holiday challenge

****** Left Side Bar******
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Mom Logic

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Membership....

Sweet Life in The Valley is hosting a giveaway to Thanksgiving Point:) If you don't live in Utah; you need to come and visit! Thanksgiving Point is so fun, they always have fun stuff going on for the kiddos and for the adults too.
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Monday, December 07, 2009

Finals Week...

Free Clipart Illustration of Kids Taking a Test. Click Here to Get Free Images at School Clipart

I won't be on my blog to much this week, It is finals week- BLAH!!!

Update: One final down 3 to go:)
Update: DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Or So She Says...


Or So She Says
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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Childrens Nook

The Childrens Nook is having a great giveaway! It is the Tickle Monster book with mitts, written by Josie Bisset. Go over and check it out!
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Friday, December 04, 2009

Awesome Christmas Gifts..

Here's another great giveaway from Grosgrain Fabulous. First Step Photo has a wider variety then I have seen in a long time.
Great Christmas Gifts!
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Another great one from Grosgrain Fabulous! My Little Sister has the most adorable Ruffle Pants:)
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At Simply Modern Mom she is having a giveaway featuring V&Co. I love her items! If you want to enter visit Simply Modern Mom.
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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Look What I Got!!!

I participated in the Santa Blog Swap from The Mommy Files, I got sweet Brandy, she has 3 adorable kids, and 2 yeah that's right 2 blogs.  Brandy sent me:

1. Believe Picture- Have it sitting up against my plant on the dining room table
2. Vanilla Powder- Used it this morning when I made Chucky a pancake{it was yummy}
3. Oven Mit, Towel, & Pot Holder- Haven't used it yet, but I am going to.
4. Bath & Body Lotion- Frosted Cranberry{it smells so good}
5. Peppermint Candy- Soft and Melts in my mouth;p
6. Note Pad- Is on my fridge where I have all the comings & goings of mine & Chuky's life.
7. Gift Tags- They are of many different colors, and will be used very soon.
8. Advent Calendar- Chucky's Favorite!!

Before Pictures: She took the time to wrap everything so pretty.

After Pictures: It didn't take Chucky long to unwrap them.

Thank you Brandy for the wonderful items! I really appreciate the time and thought that you put into these wonderful items, especially not knowing anything about me{which is the FUN part}.
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Tis the Season of Giving...

I am absolutely dumbfounded that I didn't know about this.....

Did you know that each day 4500 moms just like me are worrying whether their children will live or die because of contaminated water. They have to walk miles and miles to get water for their children.

Do you want to cry?
{when you see this picture}
Do you want to win some cool prizes?
Do you want to help kids?

If you answered yes to those 3 questions, then you have a
There are 6 women that I call "God's Angels" who are holding a "Virtual Raffle" to help get wells, and clean water for these children and their families. Over one-hundred women are donating items to help with the raffle, and you can help by buying a raffle ticket! If you would like to know more head on over to Project 320.   What does Project 320 mean- This is a quote they live by:

Now glory be to God! By His mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope. 

Ephesians 3:20

Grab their button, follow, and give the real Gift of Christmas!! 
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Their Baack!!

Kmart's Bluelight Special that is, If you tweet, you can win $50.00!! Who doesn't want to win money? I don't tweet and thought that I would share this with you!
Here is the information that you need:     GOOD LUCK!!!

The sweepstakes is running now through December 23rd.

 Kmart will be giving shoppers on Twitter a chance to win a $50 gift card everyday! In addition to the chance to win daily, everyone following @KmartDealsnNews on Twitter will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $500 Kmart shopping spree – how cool is that?!                      

Winning couldn’t get easier - all you have to do is follow @KmartDealsnNews on Twitter from your personal Twitter account and issue a Tweet everyday using our hashtag: #KmartBLS. Each day is a new opportunity to win, so the more often you tweet - the better your chances are to win a Daily prize!

For more info on sweepstakes details, check out: http://tr.im/kmartBLS, and for Official Rules: http://tr.im/kmartBLSrules.
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Winning & Giving at 5 Minutes for Mom

All month long you can enter some great giveaways at 5 Minutes for Mom but what is sooooo cool is that all of the sponsors that gave for the giveaway are also giving to deserving families! While your there if you know a deserving family, nominate them! Good luck & Have fun! 

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Mamas Holiday Wishlist

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme

Todays Mama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

Entering this contest is easy and fun. Just answer and post the meme below on your blog and send them the link. (Don’t have a blog, no problem! You can post this as a note in Facebook and send them the link too.)

To participate you must include all of the text, including the links, in bold below:

1. What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year?

                   1. A Yudu {I have big plans;}
                    2. To do good on my finals:) *Please Santa*
                    3. New Clothes {Last bought new clothes: Maternity- MY SON IS 10!!}
                    4. New Pajamas {mine should not be worn at all anymore}
                    5. My Family and Friends to be content & happy:}

2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received?

                    A beautiful card that my son made me in Preschool

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?
                     Screen Printed pajamas:0)              

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?

                     I got two in one Christmas:

                     a.) A Cabbage Patch Doll
                     b.) Easybake Oven

5. What items are on your kid’s wish list this year?

                      Big Money Items:{
                      a.) Camcorder
                      b.) Flying Helicopter
                      c.) Games for the PSP, and XBox

6. What is your favorite holiday food?

                       I would have to say our Christmas dinner:
                       Prime Rib, Crab legs, Twice baked potatoes, Asparagus, and don't forget the Dessert!

7. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays?
                        Christmas cards, pajamas, and decorations:}

8. What is your favorite holiday movie?

                         A Christmas Story:}

9. Favorite holiday song?

                         The Little Drummer Boy

10. Favorite holiday pastime
                         Going to my grandpas house{he lived 30 minutes from us}, our whole family would all go to grandpas house on Christmas Eve have a big dinner and wait for santa to come down the road on a fire engine. He would stop at every house and give all of the kids a brown luch sack filled with candy, peanuts, and an orange! Then we would go to sleep and wait for santa;} Oh how I miss this; wish that my son could have this experince, sadly this tradition was broken when Santa stopped coming on the fire truck:{
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