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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Busy Bee...

Chucky and I started school this week, so I have been a bit absent from my blog;{ After this week, I'll be back in action.

I went to a few of the classes that I registered for and then went to pay my tuition and get my books, to find out that I am not in 3 classes that I registered for! I don't know what happened, and neither do they? But I got it all figured out now and am going crazy trying to get our routine back on.

I have one thing that I need to say about Chucky, AWESOME!!!!! He has been getting up in the morning, getting in the shower and coming down for breakfast without whining and complaining! Yep it seems as though my 10 year old son is growning up;{ I just hope that this continues until summer break!*fingers crossed* Because I don't want to jinx anything;} I guess I am going to have to take him to the movie or out to dinner for being such a good boy!

So if I am missing in action, no need to call out the Utah National Guard anymore, it is school not Chucky's room!

I will be drawing the winner of the Progresso Soup Prize Pack tonight and will be contacting the winner via email and posting the winner tomorrow!
Have a good night everyone!
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