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Friday, April 16, 2010

Get To Know Me Saturday

Okay this is up a little earlier than usual, but it's because I have more finals to study for;{
This time it is going to be a lil' different. Sorry about that but if I can get over it, I think hope you can too.
Last Saturday's get to know me was absent because I was on a fieldtrip to Nine Mile Canyon! If you want to see my pics go ahead! It was a lot of fun!!

Alright witout further ado...
I am thinking about cutting my hair and would love your input as a lot of you don't really care if I cut it or not, but I NEED HONEST OPINIONS so that is where you come in!

These two pictures are of my hair.... I need a cute style and like all of these... Which one do you like?

Okay so there you have it A thru J! I like all of them and can't decide if I want to go short, medium or keep it long either.. So I am open to suggestions!!
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Ultimate Blog Party 2010...

Okay, I have been so out of it! I have finals coming up{lots of studying} and have been studying with Chucky for his CORE testing, so I have been MIA but wanted to share with all of you if you don't know about the.... Ultimate Blog Party 2010! 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting it and unfortuanately since I am wrapped up in my life missed the Twitter Party for the Ultimate Blog Party 2010. So if you want to join in and meet, tweet, and greet fellow bloggers head on over and get to partyin'!! Hurry ends on April 16th!
There are a lot of prizes to be won and my three favorites are:
Be My Guest Certificate US39 from Bloggin2noggin
Hobo International Clutch Bag US35 from Superhero Boy
Razo Rip Rider US63 from Busy Mommy Media

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
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