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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine....

I know that there has got to be a little boy or girl out there who absoulutely L-O-V-E-S Thomas. Because I know we used to love him around here. But Chucky and Chucky's room have out grown him.
If you live in Utah, and are interested or if you live outside of Utah and want to have it shipped, I will find out the shipping costs, but I will NOT ship it, and I will NOT break up the set!!!

I have 4 Sale:
Train Table
80+ Thomas Trains
80+ Wooden Track
Thomas storage case
Thomas play mat
Thomas Engineer Hat

If you would like to see more photos, want to know what trains are included, or have any questions please feel free to email me;}
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If I Don't Resurface....

If I don't resurface in a couple of days CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD!!!!
Chucky had a pretty good Christmas- don't ask me how, Santa knows he was naughty!
Anyway I decided that it was time to go through his room and clear out the old, well I didn't realize  how old some of this stuff was that was in there. His room looks like a dump SERIOUSLY a toy dump. So I am starting to clean it out.
BTW if anybody who lives in Utah would like to buy a Train Table with 80+ Thomas Trains, 80+ Wooden tracks with wooden people, buildings, cars etc. A Thomas carrying case, Thoma play mat, and Thomas Engineer hat, please email me- he doesn't play with it anymore and it is taking up so much space in his room!
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