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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*Basketball Star*

Yesterday "Chucky" and I had to go to Wal-Mart when I got home from school.(Which he was none to happy about). So I asked him to put his shoes back on so we could go, he was taking a while getting his shoes so I asked him if he was done yet that we needed to hurry so I could make dinner and help him with his homework before we had to go to basketball try outs and he hollars back that he was coming, when he walked down the stairs, I couldn't help but chuckle he had his basketball jersey on. He was so excited about try outs that he wanted to wear it to school too, but I wouldn't let him, so he wore it to the store. You have to understand how excited he was when he got this jersey, he came home after signing up for "Junior Jazz" wearing the jersey and screaming in excitement at the top of his lungs, "Mom, I am home, and I got a jersey and it is repositionable", I turned around and seen that had it on; he's showing me that it is repositionable (reversable) but that he liked it on the white side, not the navy blue side. So after him rambling on and on about his jersey and tryouts he said that he had to go and practice so that he would be the #1 pick! LOL When he was done practicing, he asked me some questions: "What is double-dribble, and traveling"? I had no idea,(I played softball and volleyball) so I tried to explain to him what I thought that they were.Boy was I so wrong! So it was time to go to basketball tryouts. I didn't go:( But there is a reason. Papa kept telling "Chucky" to hurry and we couldn't figure out why he was all over mine and "Chucky's" case to hurry and cook, eat, do homework, and get dressed. It was about 15 minutes before "Chucky" had to be there and Papa came in wearing his jacket and shoes; saying "hurry or we are going to be late". That's when "Chucky" said "I don't want you to take me, I want my mom to take me". If you could have seen the look on Papa's face it would have made you feel bad too, so "Chucky" told Papa that he could take him and that I would take him next time.
When tryouts were over,"Chucky" walked in his face red and his hairline sweaty; "I did so good mom"! He told me all of the drills that they did and that he did "REALLY REALLY good, Papa affirmed what "Chucky" had said: He did really good and he will find out on Friday who is coach is and on what days he will be playing.
So stay tuned for pictures of "Chucky", my basketball star in his repositionable jersey
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