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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Science Fair...

So lastnight was the anticipated science fair. Chucky was nervous{which he should have been} because I told him to review all of the papers so he would know what to say if the juges asked him a question about "his" project. He read them all in less than 10 minutes and it took me more than 4-5 hours to write all of that stuff!
This science fair was a little different than some that I had been to, there were no judges walking around judging projects, only parents thinking that their childs project was better than all of them combined. Let me tell you, there were some amazing projects. {I honestly don't think that I was the only parent who did the science fair.} So here are some photos of Chucky{sorry that some of them are so close, I had to crop out his partner and another child because I did not get their parents consent to post pictures of their children on my blog and I also had to crop out Chucky's name on my the sceince fair award.

I guess there were more exciting things happening then looking at the camera!

When we were on our way home he told me:

Chucky: I am so glad that's over mom, I was so nervous and thought I was going to throw up.

Me: Well, I am so glad that you didn't throw up.

Chucky: Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Chucky: I love you!

Me: I love you too!

At least we both agree on one thing- We are both glad that's over!!!
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Science Fair Drama....

Okay, so my the science fair project turned out great, I finished it up lastnight with little to no help from Chucky. Strike that he helped me make molds of fossils in the plaster of paris. The person that I feel bad for is his partner, he called everyday and even came over to work on the science fair project but Chucky wasn't feeling it.
This was the conversation betweeen me and Chucky for the month of March.

Me: Chucky, when are you going to get started on your project?

Chucky: Well not right now.

Me: Okay then about when do you think you can fit your science fair project into your busy schedule?

Chucky: In a few minutes, as soon as I am done on the COMP{computer} MOM!!

Me: What are you doing on the COMP, looking up science fair stuff?

Chucky: Um, Yeah science fair stuff.

Me: Okay well like I told you, I am not going to do your project for you, so don't come to me on Sunday night expecting me to do this for you.

Chucky: I know, I will do it myself, like I need your help!

A couple of days later...

Me: Hey bud, how's your science fair project going?

Chucky: Good!

Me: Okay so what do you have for your project so far?

Chucky: Well, um, huh?

Me: What do you have for your science fair project so far, what is your question, hypothesis?

Chucky: Um, hmmm fossils?

Me: Oh good, so what is your question?

Chucky: How are fossils formed.

Me: Do you know how fossils are formed?

Chucky: DUH! from dead plants and animals that have lived millions and millions of years ago and turned into rocks which are petrified fossils.

Me: Well your right, but there is a lot more to it than just them dying and turning into a "rock" so you need to get on the COMP and look it up to see how they are formed.

Chucky: I know mom, you don't have to tell me all of the time. You are treating me like a baby! I am in the 4th grade now, I am a big boy, I don't need you to keep reminding me!

Me: Alright then, I won't keep reminding you if you show me that you are actually working on your science fair project. Okay?

Chucky: Okay!

A couple of days later....

Me: Chucky, how is your science fair project coming along?

Chucky: Good, why?

Me: Because March 29th is right around the corner.

Chucky: I know, I know!

NOTE: All of the backround work was already done all he had to do was read some of it and make a science fair project.

Me: Why don't you just get it done and out of the way so you don't have to keep hearing me tell you to do your project?

Chucky: I am going to get it done mom, I just want to do it on my own without you bothering me all of the time.

The next day...

Me: Hey bud, how was school?

Chucky: Good!

Me; What did you learn today?

Chucky: Nothing.

ring ring ring

Chucky: I got it!

Chucky: Hey mom?

Me: What?

Chucky: Can my best friend come over?

Me: No!

Chucky: Why?

Me: Because you have to work on your science fair project.

Chucky: That's what we are going to do, we are partners.

Me: Really, since when?

Chucky: Since the beginning, when we first found out that we had to do a science fair project.

Me: Well why didn't you tell me?

Chucky: I did tell you, but you probably forgot because your old.

Me: Yeah he can come over but there are going to be a few rules that you have to follow.

Chucky: She said yeah you can come over, but bring your papers so she thinks that we are working on our science fair project.

Me: Chucky, come here please.

Chucky: What do you want now mom. We are going to work on our science fair project don't worry about it mom, I got it all under control!

Me: Here's the rules, you have to work on your project, no computer, no video games, and no playing, got it?

Chucky: Yeah, but we have to get on the computer because we have to look up stuff on the computer!

Me: No you don't, because all of the information that you need is already printed out for you, you just need to go through all of those papers and figure out which stuff goes with your question, figure out if you and your partner have the same hypothesis, who is going to do what- split up the work, you do some and he'll do some, and then answer your question, on a different day we will get the molds done and write up the conclusion, and put everything on your board. Okay?

Chucky: Okay, but what if we get it done, can we play?

Me: That's a lot of work, I don't think that you will have enough time to play.

Chucky: But if we get done can we play, huh mom?

Me: We'll see.

His friend comes over and they start to work on their project for about 5 minutes. When they both come upstairs and ask if they are done and if they can go play now.
I gave them list of things to do, I told them to break up all of the work, what work each of them was going to do and to figure out what work they were going to do together. 5 minutes later, we are done now can we go play now? Um no, what do you have done, have you decided who was going to do what, and how you were going to form your experiment and how it was going to go onto the board? Well, uh, no but we will. Okay, well do that, and then get on your project, what do you want in it? Then we can play? 3 minutes later, we are done! I ask them again, did you get this, this, this, and this done? Yeah! Bring me what you have gotten done so I can take a look at it to make sure that you are on the right track. Okay.
They brought me the few sentences on a piece of paper and the stack of info that I printed off of the computer and took off.

The next day....

Me: Hey bud, how was school?

Chucky: Fine.

Me: Just fine, did you learn anything fun today?

Chucky: Yeah, we learned about volcanos, rocks, soil, fossils and other elements.

Me: WOW! Really did you like it, was it interesting?

Chucky: Yes, it was really cool, I learned that mountains are formed from volcanos.

Me: Not just from volcanos, but from wind and rain and other elements to.

Chucky: Like what?

Me: Well the earth shifts and moves and with the rain and wind it will form a mountain.

Chucky: How do you know mom?

Me: I learned it in school.

Chucky: Cool!

Me: I need you to come up her so that we can work on your science fair project.

Chucky: I already told you, that I am going to work on it by myself with my partner.

Me: Well that would be fine if you were actually working on it, but your not. Please get your stuff and bring it here.

Chucky: Why, I don't want to right now, later!

Me: I am not going to sit here any longer and listen to that, because I have given you every chance to do this project on your own and you haven't even started it.

Chucky: Yes I have, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean that I am not working on my project.

Me: Okay, but we are still going to get some of this done, because I am not going to be starting and finishing this project on Sunday night!


Me: I am not mean, I am your mom. I want you to succeed, and in order for you to succeed, you have got to do your science air project.

Chucky: I don't want to do it! I am not going to do it!

Me: It's a little to late, you already told your teacher that you are going to do the science fair and your not going to quit because you don't want to do a little work to get the "reward." Plus you have a partner, you can't let your partner down. You know what, you just need to call your partner right now and tell him that he needs to do his own project, because your not responsible and you don't want to do the work.
His eyes went crazy, he was looking all over the place and he started to cry.

Me: What's wrong, why are you crying?

Chucky: I'm not crying, I have something in my eye.

Me: Okay, well when you get whatever is in your eye out, you need to call your partner and tell him that your not doing the science fai because your lazy and don't want to do the work.

Chucky: NO! I am not going to calll him and tell him that, because I am going to do the project, I just don't want to do it right now.

Me: Well you don't get to pick and choose when you get to do it because then it won't get done.

Me: DO you thik that you can do a little everyday?

Chucky: Yes.

Me: Okay then, as soon as we are done with this, you can do your other homework and then we will work on a little more tomorrow.

As the deadline got closer and closer he got a little scared, but not scared enough to do the board himself!
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lost & Me....

Okay so I have been a little absent. Chucky has a science fair project and has yet to come to me or the computer or the library looking for some help. I obviously have been doing some research on his project, but it has been more than 10 years since I have done a science fair project! I am going to a lot of websites for help info, but there is still the grey matter that I am trying to figure out. Oh and did I mention Chucky has a partner for this project? Yeah a partner, so I wonder if I need to get with his partner and find out what info he has, or if he has been so gung ho like Chucky? I will pop in and out but won't be posting until I have finished my the science fair project.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you all that I am also going to be starting a get to know me Saturday:
I will post five things about myself with a little history/discription, and if you want to participate just leave a comment or even post it with a link, cause I would love to get to know you too!
Get to Know Me Saturday:
1. I have a shoe and handbag fetish- I love them, even if they just sit in my closet and look pretty. I have been known to ask people if I could feel their handbag. I have also been known to pay more than I should for either of them;}
2. I have a really dry & sarcastic sense of humor- People often take this as being rude, but if you get to know me you will understand and hopefully learn to love me
3. I don't & can't lie- "If you tell the truth, you don't have to have a good memory"-Juge Judy
I would rather you know the truth or me tell the truth then to sit there and let my conscience eat me alive!
4. I don't have a favorite color- I love browns, greys, blacks, greens, yellows, all of the colors, but just don't have a particular color. If you were to look at my wardrobe you would think that it is heathered brown or brown, but that's just because I have red hair and don't feel like I look good in other colors!
5. I am very impatient- I have no patience for anything, if you say a certain time, mean it, either be here or there. Please don't look at the scenery when you have lived here your whole life, that building has been there for-ev-er it hasn't changed in the last 20 minutes from when you passed it to get to the store.
I know I sound like an ungreatful, spoiled, rushed little girl, but that's not the case, I just have no patience;}
I hope that you will join in because I love to get to know people; I would love to get to know you!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4 Babies Worlds Apart...

What better way to spend Mother's Day 2010 than with a movie about BABIES!
On Mother's Day, May 7th 2010 an amazing movie is going to hit theaters.
It is a movie about 4 babies from around the world who are simutaneously being followed and filmed from before birth and on. 4 countries, Mongolia, Namibia to San Francisco and Tokyo, you will see even though we are worlds apart we are very similar creatures.

Bayar from Bayanchandmani, Mongolia 

Bayarjargal, who lives in Mongolia with his family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES


Ponijao from Opuwo, Namibia

Ponijao, who lives in Namibia with her family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES

Mari from Tokyo, Japan

Mari, who lives in Japan with her family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES

Hattie from San Francisco, California

Hattie, who lives in the United States with her family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmes' BABIES

Here is a trailer from the movie that I found very cute, funny and yet very familiar. Let me know if you plan to see it when it comes out on Mother's Day. Chucky and I watched the trailer together and we were both chuckling. He asked me when it was over, "Did I do that when I was a baby?" I told him yes and he said, "All babies do stuff like that huh mom!" I had to agree with him again. So wether you are in for some cuteness or trying to teach your children that we aren't different from the rest of the world, take them to see Babies!

*I am a Buzzagent and was asked to participate in the BABIES Ambassador program, I was not compensated in any way for this post*
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My son is always telling me how "uncool" I am so when the opprotunity arose for us to bond over some Bon Jovi, I jumped at the chance.
We were in the car on our way home when "You Give Love a Bad Name"  by Bon Jovi came on the radio. Of course I turned it up, I look over and Chucky is singing, so I started in {psyche}. Chucky stops singing and asked me, "how do you know this song?" He acted like it was a new song, a song that had just came out and that he ultimately discovered. I said I used to listen to this in junior highschool, and he said, "it's that old?" I thought my god, that is an old song. It doesn't seem like yesterday, but it sure doesn't seem like thirty years ago.
I sit here with a smile on my face just thinking of the good and bad of the 80's and think to myself... I am so glad I got out alive!
Do you remeber the 80's? Well here is a little back in time action for you. Feel free to laugh out loud, get a little red in the face and definately say to yourself, What Was I Thinking? Enjoy;}

Things that I could live without:
neon-anything neon socks, bracelets, shirts, shoe laces, t-shirt clips, big hair- the claw, keds without laces, keds with neon laces, parachute pants, cut off sleeveless shirts, aqua net, pee wee herman, big shoulder pads, skater haircuts{lop sided}, garbage pail kids, floppy disks.



Things that I wish we still had:
trapper keepers, popples, scratch-n-sniff stickers, sticker albums, sticker collections, roller skating rinks, tetherball, polaroid cameras, swatch watches, jelly shoes, atari, and of course all of our 80's music.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

My Angle...

Week 12 I Heart Faces: Angles

I was headed to my oncology appointment when I saw this church with 2 beautiful steeples: one with this cross and the other with a fleur de lis. I pulled over and started to snap away. I lucked out because I didn't have to change any of the coloring in the photo, it was a black and white day. To see more angle photos click on the button....

I was driving to my oncology appointment and I had to pull over because I saw these beautiful steeples on a church one had a cross and the other a fleur de lis. I got a picture of each one and figured it was a sign of good things to come!
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They like me, they really like me?

So I have been a real tool when it comes to selecting awards! I sit on them and stir...
How did I deserve this, What were they thinking, They really feel this way? Then I think....
Who can I give this one to, Who would enjoy this as much as I do?

I received this award from 2 great bloggers:
Jo @ 20 to Life
Annette @ Fairy Blog Mother

I received this award from:
Annette @ Fairy Blog Mother

These two lovely ladies are amazing bloggers and I highly suggest you visit their blogs for, some laughs, I remember that, fun and friendship you won't be sorry that you did!

Okay girls, get your speeches ready:
Stacey @ Stacey Says
Chrissy @ Life as a CEO
Lindsay @ Shrimp Salad Circus
Ashley @ Lil Blue Boo
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Journal Entry

July 31st

Today me and Chucky went to the doctor to get my stitches out. It has been longer than a week and so the skin started to grow around the stitches.{gross} My aunt Ruthie{not her real name} works at the doctors office and was the nurse on duty today. She took me back into the room and while taking my vitals she asked me where mom was, I told her that she was at work. She finished and left the room. I sat in the cold waiting room for the doctor to come in and take my stitches out, which I thought would hurt just as bad as when I got them. It seemed like it took forever. Just as I started to read a magazine my aunt peeked her head in and asked if mom was going to come, and I told her no that she was at work, she left. I started to read the magazine and copy down a recipe that was in the book when my aunt peeked her head in and asked if the doctor had been in yet, I said no not yet and she left. The doctor came in and asked how I was feeling before he started to take the stitches out. Chucky was asking the doctor a lot of questions but as soon as he started to take them out, he booked it to the chair in the corner, asking me every few minutes if it hurt and if I was okay. It didn't hurt at all, as a matter of fact, they came out smoothe like butta. When he was finished, he asked me to meet him in another room, which was fine because the room we were in brought back some not so fond memories. I was in the room for a few minutes copying down my recipe when aunt Ruthie peeked her head in and asked if the doctor had been in yet and I said no. Chucky started showing me a part on his psp when aunt Ruthie peeked her head in again and asked if the doctor had been in to see me yet, which he hadn't. Chucky finished showing me his game and the doctor came in. He sat down in his chair while looking at the papers that he brought in with him, he told me he got a sizeable amount and that it was able to be tested. That's when he said that I had dermatofibroma sarcoma partuberans. I looked at him with my eyes glazed over, what the heck is whatever you just said. He told me "you have cancer." Chucky shouted, "Mom, you have cancer, are you going to die?" What am I supposed to say to my son, when I don't even have the answer? The doctor started to explain the cancer to me, but all I could hear in my head was- "you have cancer!" It is a rare cancer that isn't "supposed" to spread but can, and comes back in the same spot over and over again. He told me that I was going to need surgery, to remove all of it and that it should be a pretty simple surgery although he might have to do a skin graph because of how deep and wide it was and how much that he had taken out. I just sat there shaking my head as if I knew what he was talking about, pretending I wasn't numb all the while staring a hole right through him. He told me that he does surgeries on Tuesday's if I wanted him to do the surgery, of course I told him yes, he is the best surgeon in our town. He left the room to get the papers to set up my surgery, aunt Ruthie peeked her head in and I lost it, I couldn't control myself. She said that she wanted to call mom and tell her to come with me to my appointment but because of the STUPID rules she couldn't. Aunt Ruthie sat down next to me, to console me. She kept tellling me that everything was going to be okay and that they caught it early. The doctor never did come back in, so I had to go to the front desk and set my appointment. I asked if I could get a copy of the recipe that I didn't quiet finish writing down, and the receptionist was nice enough to let me take the magazine, which makes me feel bad because what if someone else wanted that recipe? As we were stading there waiting for the appointment, Chucky said really loud " that sucks that you have cancer huh mom!" I turned around and everybody in the waiting room was staring right at me. We started walking to the car when I realized that I have no idea what kind ofcancer that I should tell my family that I have, so I went back into the doctors office and asked the receptionist if she could write it down for me, she said that she would make me a copy. Chucky and I got into the car and I just started driving, I had no idea where I was going, Ijust knew I couldn't go home and go stir crazy. I ended up at mom's work after a half hour of driving around aimlessly. I didn't want to walk in and just lay it all on her, hey mom how's work going, I have cancer. But it seems like that is exactly what I did. She said that we would talk when she got home. So me and Chucky packed it up and started to head home. I didn't even get out of the parking lot when my phone started to ring. I then decided that I needed to call my dad, my brothers and close friends before they heard it from somebody else.

I can't seem to find the recipe, but as soon as I do, I will post it. It was a good one! teehee;}
to be continued...
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grosgrain Fabulous

At Grosgrain Fabulous, she hosts a plethura of giveaways, those of the handmade, shop made, company made and from the heart! If you've not been there lately as I have you are sure missing out!

 This dress from Shabby Apple's new Baja line makes me wish that summer would hurry up and get here already. If your like me, and are just dreaming of spring and summer weather, you can enter to win the San Gabriel dress in your size choice. Who wouldn't love this dress with the perfect weather?

Here is a few giveaways that she has going over at her blog right now:
Which is a bound to make your day brighter! It is the "Partly Sunny Necklace"

I bet a lot of you still need to protect your babies from the elements as we do here, where we have the "Greatest Snow on Earth" that seems to be never ending!! Even if you don't live in a cold climate, it is still nice to have the babe protected from all of those sticky fingered people who can't seem to keep their hands off of a new baby. That's where the Baby Bungalow from 2 Speckled Frogs comes in... they go right over the car seat, so you don't have to worry about those touchy feely people anymore!  If your the winner, you get to choose your choice of fabric!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Pea Boutique WINNER....

The winner of the $15 GC to Little Pea Boutique is................. Merrie L.
Congratulations Merrie L.
Thank you to all who entered my giveaway. If you weren't a winner don't fret, I will be hosting more giveaway's soon!
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The Winner of the $35 GC to AllChildren'sFurniture.com giveaway is.....
Congratulations Bri!
Thanks everyone who entered but don't fret if you didn't win, I will be having more giveaways!
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Saturday, March 06, 2010

It's Good to Have Friends..

This is an awesome giveaway!Susan at She's Becoming Domesstic is giving away not 1 but 2 Kitchen Aid 5 Quart Mixers! This is how it works: you either follow her on twitter or become a facebook fan to enter! The more friends you have the more chances to enter! Tweet or post on facebook about the giveaway but make sure that you say that Chacoy sent you, because if my name gets picked you win and if your name get's picked I win!! How cool is that? Go enter now and GOOD LUCK!
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Friday, March 05, 2010

Journal Post...

July 7th
I went to have my biopsy today and it was NOT at all what I expected.
First off, I think Chucky is scarred for life..
I didn't have a babysitter so I had to bring him with me.

I arrived a little early to try to put myself at ease.
I was put into a surgical room. It was a larger room, surgical supplies lined up ready for use, tanks with liquid nitrogen, a large glass cabinet lined with colorful chemicals, and a large lone medical table{a newer, reclining one} smack dab in the middle of the room. I sat down in one of the chairs that is for the patients family/friends as if I were not the patient. At this point I can say I was definately scared.
I was asking a lot of questions and the Dr. was looking at me as if I were a child trying to talk around it-as if to get him to forget what we were there for. All the while trying to convince Chucky that everything was going to be just fine.
While the Dr. was cleaning my arm and giving me shots to numb my arm he is explaining the procedure and it was like I was in an episode of Charlie Brown. All I heard was wah wah wah wha wha wha incision wha wha wha wha wha. Before he could get started I jumped off of the table and positioned Chucky's chair so he was facing the wall, put the headphones to his PSP in his ears and turned them up really loud, told him to leave them in no matter what and not to turn around.
I sat back down and the Dr. wasted no time at all, he grabbed the scapel and started to cut into my arm. I shouted "OUCH THAT HURTS!" and he acted as if I was being a big baby. So I thought okay, it might just be the first cut. Well it wasn't it hurt so bad- this coming from me who had a c-section without being numb. I was screaming and crying and that's when Chucky started FREAKING out. He was screaming and crying "YOUR HURTING ME, OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL THE BLOOD!" I look over trying to be brave for my baby and he is on the floor holding his arm crying and screaming, "I can feel your pain, it's hurting me!" I told him that he needed to go out and sit in the waiting room until I was finished but he didn't want to leave me alone in there. I guess one of the nurses heard him screaming and came in and got him. When he left I knew that I couldn't and didn't need to be the brave mom anymore. I was in so much pain that I became nauseous and told the Dr. that I was going to throw up, he told me, "Turn your head the other way, don't puke over here." I than felt like I was going to pass out. The Dr. was digging and digging in my arm, as if he was trying to get the last bit of grapefruit off of the rind. I asked him if he was almost done and he told me that he wanted to get as deep as he could to get a good sample and that he was going to try to get all he could out. I was pleading with him to just leave the rest of it in there, that it has been in there this long what's a bit longer. After about 7-10 more minutes of him digging and scraping he was finally finished. I glanced over really quickly and thankfully couldn't see anything because the disposable gown was in the way.
He said we just have to stitch you up. I asked if he could just put a band-aid on it and he said no. He stitched me up and left. The nurse came in with Chucky in tow to clean me up and it wasn't until than that I see just how much blood that there really was, it was everywhere, all over my arm, down my back, all over the medical table and on the floor.
The nurse wrapped up my arm, gave me my instructions and told me to stop at the front desk to make a follow up appointment to get the stitches out. I asked how long it would be until the results came back and she said that they would call me as soon as they came in. I stopped at the front desk made my appointment and was on my way.
I feel really good about the results. He said that he got quiet a bit out, if not all.

Stay tuned for another journal entry...
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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

32nd Street Blog Parade...

So I am participating in The Rear Window's blog parade. This is my first time ever doing a blog parade and I am very excited! If you would like to join in the party just click on the banner and join in on the fun and get the instructions on how to party! ~Have fun~

1. What's your favorite time of the day, and why?

midnight to about 4:00 a.m. it is quiet, everyone is slepping and i can have quiet time to myself. yeah i know it sounds strange, but it is me time ya know;}                                 credits 

2. If health wasn't an issue, what food could you live off of?

mexican food, especially homemade beans-mmm;p how could you not have enchiladas, beans, rice, green chili, carne asada, pesole, and of course churros? {now i am hungry for some mexican food}

3. If you could have one wish granted (besides wishing for more wishes), what would it be?

my wish would be to find a cure for premature births and all cancers;}                        credit


4. What's one thing that you get teased about a lot?

my red hair, freckles and my name. the only people that loved the color of my hair, freckles and name were older people;} tee hee

5. If you could choose one movie, book, or TV show to spend your life in, which would you pick? What type of character would you be?

sex and the city! i would be like carrie. i could only dream of some of those handbags and shoes;}

6. If you could have one talent that you don't already have, what would it be?

playing a musical instrument. i would love to be able to play the guitar;}            
7.If money were no object, where would you go on vacation?

i would take my son on a disney cruise;} he has always wanted to go to disney land and this would be like a 2-in-1 vacay;}

8. If you were an awesome singer, which genre would you sing?

oh this is a hard one... my favorite singer is stevie nicks, so it would probably be the 70's!


9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, what would it be?

coach;p {drooling}                   

10. If you could live in any point in time, when would it be?

when my son and his kids are older- i would love to spend more time with them than i know i am going to get.                                 

11. If every outfit in your wardrobe had to be one color, what would it be?
in the brown family- it's like that already;}     

12. If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be?

(Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, or Dopey)

13. What's the last album you listened to?
stevie nicks..


14. What's something we'd be surprised to know about you?

i used to be a gymnast and play softball and loved every minute of it!

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Journal Entry....

I have thought long and hard about how or if I should do this, and have decided that I am going to share my journal entries leading up and to finding out that I have cancer.

June 9, 2009
Today I went to the Dr, I wasn't feeling well- sore throat. The nurse was checking my blood pressure{you know how they put it on your upper arm and it gets really tight}well it hurt so bad that I had to ask her to take it off and change arms. She asked me why it hurt and I showed her the bump on my arm and told her that it was like a chronic bruise now.{It didn't help that Chucky would poke me there.}The doctor came in and checked me out{just a sinus infection}. But I noticed that my doctor couldn't keep her eyes off of my arm{i am guessing the nurse told her}. I told her to stop staring at my lump and laughed it off. She asked how long it had been there and I told her that it had been there for quiet sometime but it had only recently started to hurt and look bruised. I asked her what she thought it could be and she said that it could be a couple of things, just a cyst, or a broken blood vessel{which would cause it to look like a bruise}. She said that she would like for me to get a biopsy. I went over to the lady who makes the appointments and told her to make it asap. So now I have an appointment on July 31st to get a biopsy.
I am not in any way scared, I just think that it will be a great relief to not have my arm hurt anymore. I hope and pray that everything goes okay and that I won't have a huge scar.{selfish}

I am going to be posting pages from my journal a couple of times a week and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or leave a comment. I would really love it if you asked the questions instead of wondering or just assuming;}
Have a great day~

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