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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bitch & Moan....

Ok, this is my Bitch & Moan,

I am a single mom with cancer, and a full time student. I don't have money to do "Christmas", but I am making it work. So this isn't my bitch & moan, but I will tell you what is: Those people who are on every Angel Tree in our town, they don't work{are able}, shouldn't be on the tree in the first place, or only be on one. I am struggling to make a good life for my son and myself and just seeing them with their kids on a new bike, with another one sitting in the driveway because they put their name on every Angel Tree. I didn't put my name on the Angel Tree, because I know that there are more people needing those coats, shoes, and gifts more than me and Chucky. But shouldn't there be some type of rule about putting your name on more than one Angel Tree? I think yes, some of those people that are on the Angel Tree don't even get picked, and what happens to them? Anyway, this makes me sooooo angry!

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