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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update from Nine Mile...

So yesterday I posted a picture from my field trip to Nine Mile Canyon well I couldn't just let that one be all by itself, so here are some more. What do you think, should I take a few more classes? These aren't even half of the pictures that I had taken;}

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Sweet Shot Tuesday...

So as many of you know from visiting my blog, I love photography and am taking a potography class at the local college.

I love when I can go around the blogsphere and find a place to share my photographs and also be inspired by others' photography. I am participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday at Life With My 3 Boybarians. If you would like to participate or just check out the pictures head on over there, you won't be disappointed!

Over the weekend, I went on a "field trip" to Nine Mile Canyon with my photography class. It is absolutely beautiful. I am very lucky to have this scenery right in my backyard! While the class was off looking at some of the rock art, I went off by myself. It was extremely quiet and serene. It is absolutely amazing!
If your ever passing through Utah, don't forget your sneakers, sunblock and camera.
UPDATE: If you would like to see the other pictures that I took visit my post HERE.
Thank you all for the wonderful comments!!

Sweet Shot Day
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