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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Science Fair...

So lastnight was the anticipated science fair. Chucky was nervous{which he should have been} because I told him to review all of the papers so he would know what to say if the juges asked him a question about "his" project. He read them all in less than 10 minutes and it took me more than 4-5 hours to write all of that stuff!
This science fair was a little different than some that I had been to, there were no judges walking around judging projects, only parents thinking that their childs project was better than all of them combined. Let me tell you, there were some amazing projects. {I honestly don't think that I was the only parent who did the science fair.} So here are some photos of Chucky{sorry that some of them are so close, I had to crop out his partner and another child because I did not get their parents consent to post pictures of their children on my blog and I also had to crop out Chucky's name on my the sceince fair award.

I guess there were more exciting things happening then looking at the camera!

When we were on our way home he told me:

Chucky: I am so glad that's over mom, I was so nervous and thought I was going to throw up.

Me: Well, I am so glad that you didn't throw up.

Chucky: Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Chucky: I love you!

Me: I love you too!

At least we both agree on one thing- We are both glad that's over!!!
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