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Friday, February 19, 2010

Etsy Feature....

Moo Bee Tees is another Etsy shop that I Please show my favorite Etsy shops some comment love
Karen's shop is eclectic and that's what I love about it! Keep reading and you'll see why. She has things for BOYS too!

How long have you had your etsy shop?

 I have only had my shop since April 2009. I was a long time lover of etsy and it took awhile for the penny to drop that I could do this too! The shop is still evolving, but I'm loving the experience of being surrounded by so many talented people.

How cute is this Personalized Bunting?

What inspires you?

- Easy! Happy children! Sounds fairly ordinary, but I just love seing them smile when they have an item that has been made especially for them. My aim is to make clothing and accessories that encourage children to be children - I find so many things available make them grow up way too fast. I gather inspiration from just about anywhere, so I always carry a note book with me, just in case I have to jot something down.

How did you learn your talent? ie. self taught etc.

- I learned to sew at an early age (thanks to my mum) - I was given a Holly Hobbie sewing machine when I was about six and my first real machine when I turned 18, but I let it lapse in my 30's. I think a lack of confidence in my abilities had a lot to do with it. However, after trying to find lovely clothing for my daughter that didn't have slogans plastered all over them, I decided to just get the machine out and make them myself. I haven't looked back.

One for lil sister,

How would you classify your style?

- Hmm. Good Question. Perhaps I would say it was 'Kiddie Custom Chic'!! Not sure, Perhaps that's a question I can ask my customers.

One for big sister!

Why do you do what you do?

- I love it. It enables me to be creative and have fun. In fact I now think I have to do it - I get withdrawal symprtoms if I don't so something involved in creating everyday.

Can't forget our Boys! I know Chucky would love to put his cars, psp or anything in here!

Do you have any other talents?

- I tap dance!
How cool is that!

Do you make your own patterns?

- Mostly, but I also have some wonderful pattern suppliers that I sometimes use as a base, such as Whole Grain Baby and FrogLegsandPonyTails.

Ponytail holders!

How do you choose the fabric that you use?

- A lot of touching! My local supplier always laughs when I come in and walk up and down the aisles running my hands over the fabric! I do love the quilting fabrics (and denim, of course), but I also have a soft spot for independent fabric designers who make limited fabric runs.

Do you have a favorite fabric/designer, what fabric/designer and why?

- My two absolute favourites fabric designers are local Australians - 'Saffron Craig' and 'Ink and Spindle'. With Saffron, I love her sense of whimsy and use of clours. With the Ink and Spindle girls, I love their use of fabrics and sense of nature. Just lovely.

Pencil Rolls, love these for traveling!

What's new, what's to come, what should we watch out for?

- Well denim is my new muse at the moment, so I'm trying to incorporate it into all of my designs. I'm looking to add more tees and dresses to the line, but I'm also exploring ideas for more boyswear - they seem to miss out. I primarily want to create something for boys in the age range of 4-10 as they seem to be forgotten by the larger manufacturers. So keep an eye out, my ideas are always evolving.

Have you created an item that you didn't want to sell? What was it?
- Yes, but probably not for good reasons! Apart from the occasional creative disaster (a necessary evil!) there are occasionally items you would love to keep. I'm currently creating a one off 'art' tee for the winner of a giveaway that was held for me. I'm loving putting it all together, and I know it's a one off so I'll never make it again. However, I also know it's going to a lovely little girl in Spain and that delights me more than anything. So I'll take lots of photos and then get to work on another one!

Is there anything more that you would like us to know about you, your products, or your shop?

-I'm a wife, mum of two (and a cat) and live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm more than happy to create custom items, so if interested just convo me. I use organic cotton tees where possible and always finish my gaments professionally.

Of course Karen offers so much more in her Etsy shop so go and check it out and don't forget to leave some comment love!

Some links of interest are:
Shop: http://www.moobeetees.etsy.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/moobeetees
Blog: http://moobeetees.blogspot.com/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Australia/MooBeeTees/160918222475?v=app_2373072738
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