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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari Book Review

The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari

The Dragon and Turtle Go on Safari
by. Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark

Padraig a dragon and his friend Roger a turtle, go on safari and are determined to spend the whole night out on Mount Sillymanborrow. They have a fun night planned with marshmallow roasting, eating baked bugs and making s’mores, but it wouldn’t be a safari without fun English accents and an imagination!

Throughout the night on their safari they run into some strange sounds that cause some alarm and adventure! An owl’s hoot becomes a howler monkey, swinging through the trees,. ‘What makes leaves rattle in the tippy top of a tree?‘ Rattling leaves high in the sky have to be caused by a giraffe. On Mount Sillymanborrow giraffes are the tallest. Sillymanborrow is the best place in the world to hunt for fierce and fantastic beasts.

They boys finally nestle inside of their tent for ‘just-in-case’ and prepare their voices for storytelling. Although Padraig wasn’t in the mood for a scary story he didn’t want to disappoint his friend so he asked if he would tell it to him tomorrow and his friend Roger thought it was a great idea so he could have all night to think about it. They snuggled into their sleeping bags to then hear another noise that sets them off onto another adventure. While they decide which animal is lurking outside of their tent Roger claims his friends a ‘professor,’ because he believes he’s an animal expert that must have gone to school for a long time to learn all about jungle beasts.

Between munching and figuring out which animal beasts are lurking outside their tent Padraig get’s a tummy ache and wishes he were home. His buddy reassures him that they shouldn’t give up and to lie down and rest. They end up falling asleep and are awoken suddenly by another strange animal’s noise. They are at it once again! They take the flashlight and are off to search for this mysterious animal who made the mysterious noise. Unfortunately the flashlight runs out of batteries and they are stranded in the dark with a beast on the loose. Padraig sucked in his breath and blew out a tiny flame and his friend is shocked to learn that he had such a talent. The flame went out but Roger encourages him to do it again; they find their beast and return to their tent. They wonder if morning will ever come and make the decision to head home. They left their items up on mount Sillymanbarrow and Padraig wonders why they had done so, Roger said it was another day and he still had to tell him his story….

This book isn’t just about two friends on a safari, it is the strength that they each have and the faith that they have in each other. It encourages not only Roger and Padraig to be strong, courageous and over come fear but for your child to be strong and brave. It's also an opportunity for parents to teach their children to overcome some of their fears and be brave like Roger and Padraig. Even though they were hyped for their 'safari' they had fears but made the best of them with each other and their imaginations! Mom's and kids alike will love reading this book together!

Chucky Said:
I liked the book The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari because I thought it was cool. It was full of adventure, and showed how friends can help each other and stick together. My favorite part was when they heard a noise from an owl and they decided it was a howler monkey. I liked that they turned a simple noise from a specific animal into something that their imaginations wanted it to be. The book also makes me want to be strong, courageous and not afraid.

Be strong and courageous, Do not be afraid… God goes with you; he will never leave you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

About the Author:
Donita is a best-selling contemporary Christian fiction novelist. She is best known for her fantasy Dragon Keeper Chronicles series. She won a finalist medal in the Christy Awards for he first installment of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles and Dragon Spell. She has also written romances and children's books.

You can purchase The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari at WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for $11.99
You can find more books from Donita or WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group on Facebook.

*Disclosure: This is a MamaBuzz review. I was provided with a product for review & the product was provided by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. The opinions expressed are that of my own and others' may differ.
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