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Monday, February 01, 2010

Etsy Feature...

Today's the first day of my Etsy Feature.
Here is the first shop that I

I was on flickr being nosey looking at quilts and fabrics{because I want one sooo bad.} When I happend upon a few quilts made by sweetbabyjamie, so I clicked on her name under her quilt and than on her profile. {Yeah I know that's considered stalking!} I than clicked on her website and it brought me to Sweet Baby Jamie on Etsy.

I got to ask this most talented, sweet, woman, Jamie some questions about her, her quilts, and her shop.

How long have you been on Etsy?
I've been on etsy since 2007, however I've been selling quilts for the past 10 years.

I see that you love to quilt, and it shows! How long have you been quilting?
I started quilting seriously about 16 years ago. I fiddled with quilting since I was a little girl, which was longer than 16 years ago!!! I have always wanted to quilt, and am so glad that I invested in a few good quilting classes at my local quilt shop. I absolutely love to quilt!! It is so therapeutic for me.

I know you've made a pattern, is this something we will see more of?
I am so excited to finally have my first pattern for sale! I will definately be making more! I have so many patterns in my head just dying to get out, if only there was more time, and my computer liked me more!! My Computer intimidates me, but I will not let it get the better of me! I shall overcome!

What inspires you to make your quilts?
My passion is really to help the beginner quilter. I so wanted to quilt for so long and never had anyone to teach me. I did take classes, but you can only go back for help so much without being embarrassed!! I really want to create patterns that make it easy for the beginner so she/he can feel successful and will continue to quilt.
I remember when I first learned to quilt, I struggled through a lot of patterns that were labled beginner, but were really pretty complicated. A quilt does not have to be complicated to be beautiful!! There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there, you just need to put them together!

Do you have a favorite fabric,  designer, if so which one?
I really don't have one favorite designer! But..... some of my favorites would be, Heather Bailey, Jennifer Paganelli, Tanya Whelan, and ... hmmm. really could go on!!

What are your other talents/hobbies?
Other hobbies? Well, I really LOVE to make jewelry! But I just don't have enough time. My favorite hobby is my family. I have a husband and two teenage boys. They make my life so full!! I seriously could not live without them. I would be so lonely. They keep me laughning! Well most of the time:)

Do you have any advice for a newbie and the experts?
Advice~ I encourage people to find their creative outlet. Whether it be quilting, cooking, whatever. I think it's so healthy to have a creative outlet. Look, I love my family, but think that it's important as wives and moms to take the time to do a little of what we like. I get seriously grouchy if I'm not able to create. It's just something inside me that won't die! But really, find your creative outlet, and enjoy it! Don't stress if your quilt is not perfect, after all, who is perfect?

What type of quilting do you do?
I love to free motion quilt, by far my favorite!!

Working with Heather Bailey, Well I would love to say oh it was no big deal, but I would be lying!!! The first time I went to her house, I sas so Nervous!! She is a superstar in my world!! I could not believe I was given the opprotunity to make quilts for her!! It was an honor! She is  fabulous to work with! So easy going and so very nice. Plus, she showed me her way of binding a quilt which was much better than the way I was doing it!! It is fabulous, I highly recommend checking out her tutorials on her blog. She is incedibly talented and smart!

I know that I have a hard time deciding what fabrics go with what, and if your anything like me and you have no idea what fabrics to put with what, Jamie also has a fabric shop: Out of Print.

Sweet Baby Jamie also sells handbags/diaperbags, look at how cute this one is for Valentines Day.

Sweet Baby Jamie also makes quilts for baby dolls, how cute would it be to have matching quilts for your little girl and her dolls?

This is my favorite quilt and one day I will have enough money saved up to buy a king size from Jamie;}

Boy aren't you glad I was stalking, because if not you wouldn't get to see everything that Sweet Baby Jamie has to offer!!
I didn't share all of what she has to offer here in my post, so that you could go to Sweet Baby Jamie and pick out your favorite quilt, pattern and fabric!! Have fun and if you her shop like I do share the love with Jamie;}
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