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about me

Welcome to my blog! I'm glad you came- take a look around, hopefully you'll find a read, maybe a laugh, maybe a cry, maybe get some inspiration, and hopefully a friend.
I would it if you would leave me a comment so I can come to your blog and read, laugh, cry, get inspired, and hopefully make a friend.

I started blogging in June of 2009 as a way of keeping family & friends in the loop with mine & Chucky's acheivements, failures, and ever increasing funny stories. I ended up exploring & found so many bloggers that are creative and it inspired me! I started opening up my world of blogging an shortly after that my blog took off! I can't be more thrilled at the many expierences that I have had, the people that I have met & continue to meet and the opportunities that continue to come. *I am now blogging at Living in La La Land & hope that you'll join me over there!

I am a single mom to a tween boy who I talk about often. He was a preemie, I had him at 28 weeks. He weighed 2 lbs. 4.5 oz. and other than some speech and developmental delays he is perfect!

I have a dry sense of humor but find it in everything-people always tell me that they don't know if I am joking or serious, but if you don't know me you'll never know!! *insert evil laugh* My family is always joking around and we actually dubbed ourselves the 'Griswolds.' I don't kow if that needs anymore explaining?

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and love to tell my story in hopes that I might be able to inspire others that cancer does not define you and your life. Know your body and don't be scared to talk to your doctor. It's better to be safe than sorry!

I am a full time student working on becoming an RN. I am a girly girl but a tom boy too & I am kinda geeky!
I chapstick, ruffles, handbags, shoes, video games, technology, writing, math, sewing, scrapping, makeup, nail polish, pedicures, chocolate, surprises and presents.

I love math for the simple reason that it is amazing figuring something out that you thought you couldn’t and I feel that often goes hand-in-hand with technology! l-o-v-e it!!

I also love to create-there is something satisfying in seeing what you’ve made! My latest creation or creations have landed me into sewing, I was supposed to start lessons but they unfortunately didn't work out so I have started to do them online on youtube and through tutorials. I am learning a lot and can't wait to share some of my pieces!

I love photography, it gives me the opporunity to share with others what I see all of the time and  it gives me great satisfaction to share something that is priceless!

I also love to support causes that are close to my heart:{Please check them out}

March of Dimes- Researching to cure premature births.

Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation- They help families with late stage cancer have one lasting, great memory together-other then cancer!

Survival Mode Parent

Survival Mode Parent- Volunteers who help parents with children in the NICU

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