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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I am a person who has a what do you call it.... strong personality and when people post random things that piss me off I just can't let it go and have to say something.
I was on Facebook and saw a post by Parenting.com. Apparently Gisele Bundchen thinks it should be a law that mother's have to breastfeed their babies for 6 months. It's true that mother's should breastfeed for 6 months and up through 2 years, but what about those mother's who can't because of many issues? Should they have to be penalized for actions that they have no control over?
As many of you know, I had my son at 28 weeks, he weighed 2lbs. 4.5oz. preemies don't usually latch on because they don't understand how to 'suck' yet.{their muscles aren't yet formed} I pumped my little tbsp every hour and put them in the fridge next to the real 'milk factories!' Man their bottles were overflowing and I am not exaggerating, there was literally milk running down the sides. I tried massages, and all that jazz that the 'lactation specialist' suggested but nada-nothing! I felt like crap, c'mon who wouldn't you are sitting there with this little guy who is depending on you to help make him bigger and stronger and you have nothing. Not only did I not have anything to give but couldn't even to get him to latch on. So while my son has nothing I have depression, feelings of incompatibility and a whole bunch of bottles of breastmilk staring me in the face! What's a mom to do? Steal someone elses' breast milk that is meant for their baby? Buy it at a ridiculously amount? HELL NO! Buy formula. My son's still alive!
I am not judging anyone, if I knew how painful it was I really don't think I would have went through all of that for even a few tbsp. It is unbearable, you get sores, not to mention the engorging, and then the weird looking ariola afterwards...lord knows all this isn't in any parenting book!
So my whole beef with the article is that Gisele should have done some homework before making such a bold statement, I didn't even mention half of the problems that occur and is the reason that mother's don't/can't breastfeed. Sometimes it isn't even the mother sometimes the baby won't/can't because of mouth issues. But how dare she say that and make mother's who can't breastfeed because of these issues feel like shit when we have enough going on....postpartum depression, no sleep, c-sections, etc. You can go here to read the short post.
I really would like to know your feelings on this, am I over exaggerating, do you think that it should be a law, did you breastfeed, did you have lactation problems, did your baby not latch on, did you choose not to breastfeed-tell me I want to know!!
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