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Thursday, December 31, 2009

What I Wish For All Of Us......

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Simplify My Life PLEASE!!! You, Yes YOU- Want to WIN Too?

Mom Bloggers Club is giving away an HP mini 110 with windows 7 to Simplify your life, and You can win too!

This little powerful HP mini would simplify my life in the following ways:
1. I won't have to get off my blogging butt to get off the desktop  in the freezing basement and go upstairs to see why my son wants something to eat. Gosh he ate yesterday.
2. I could use it to do my homework on, I am getting my Masters in Nursing;}
3. I could take this with me 1 1/2 from home getting my chemo treatments, and blog DUH!
4. I won't have to wait my turn on the green and black desktop!{my son Chucky likes to get on there & not get off}
5. I could take this little piece of heaven in the bathroom.{for my alone time}
6. I could finally have a "safe" place to put my pics and vids!
7. I could use it to do the dishes, cooking, and cleaning, oh wait that's a husband!
8. I could use the old desktop as a door stop! {no more draft from the dungeon of a basement}
9. I could use it for my knitting, scrap booking, crocheting, and all my crafty stuff;}
10. I could definately use it on MBC!!!!
If I were to win I wouldn't be really selfish, I would share sometimes with my son-ONLY for school projects! {luckily he is only in the 4th grade} LOL

Thank you for the opprotunity!!

If you want to win something too, leave a comment because they are giving away 3 HP mini 110-1100 from Studio Tord Boontje Pc  to peeps who leave a comment on my blog or any of the other participants' blog!!!  SO LEAVE A COMMENT on how this would Simplify Your Life!!

    *pictures are mini because this is a MINI laptop*                    
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