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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

buzzed driving is drunk driving...

I love the Holiday season! Houses decorated with lights glistening in the snow, the smell of a fresh cut pine tree, the crackling of a fire in the fireplace and the spirit of strangers you pass on the streets wishing you a 'Happy Holiday!'

While we are spreading our holiday cheer to our loved ones and friends there is someone out there who was also spreading holiday cheer-an impaired driver. I don't always believe that people are out there intentionally getting into their cars and driving while intoxicated but they do-do it often without thinking of the consequences for themselves, their families and others on the road along with their families.

This Holiday season along with the NHTSA-National Highway Traffic Safety Administration I want to help save the life of  you, your neighbor, parent, husband, friend or child from being a statistic. If you or someone you know has had even one drink, please offer them a ride or find them an alternate means of transportation just don't let them get behind the wheel of a car and drive!


Drive drunk and you'll get a lot worse than coal in your stocking.

There are many ways to insure that we all have a safe and Happy Holiday: If your throwing a party make sure and offer non-alcoholic beverages for the designated drivers, make sure you have a list of nationwide alternative rides on hand, designate sober drivers and set these 'laws' into motion before hand so that there won't be any arguing the night of the party.
Take the pledge to not drink and drive join in on the chat:
When: December 9th
When: 2 pm ET
Who: NHTS Experts
Here: http://tweetchat.com/room/buzzeddriving
Hashtag: #buzzeddriving
Here is to all of us having a safe and Happy Holiday season!

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Perricone MD Winner...

Thanks to all of you who entered! I wish that I could everyone of you a prize!
The winner of the Perricone MD  giveaway is....nightowl!!!!
I sent you an email and you have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.
Thank you again to all of you who entered-without you it wouldn't be possible!!

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