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Friday, January 01, 2010

Out of the closet....

So over at Fairy Blog Mother she has a "little" thing called Bitch & Moan well I L-O-V-E to participate, it gets a lot off of my chest;}
If you want to participate- and you know you do, just go there and DO IT!!!

The whole Tiger Wood's thing irritates me to no end, ok he screwed a bunch of nasty women.
Most of these women like the one on t.v. in the interview said that she never asked him for help; I could have swore I heard her say that she asked him for money for her rent and he told her no? HMMMM
The one on the Today Show said that she felt bad for his wife Elin, well not when she was in bed with him in fancy shmancy hotels!
He isn't even that hot- money does NOT make them good looking and obviously it wasn't his personality;} LMAO

Hi my name is Chacoy, and I depend on my Prozac.
I was living my life with my new preemie when all of the sudden BAM! It hit me, I cried over everything, laughed when I wasn't happy and wanted to punch the shit out of everyone when they were just trying to be nice to me.
I just thought that it was my hormones until I went to the doctor for my check up and he told me that it was normal for women to go through all of this.
Well I didn't believe him, I felt so damn alone!
Until he gave me this sweet, sensitive, understanding, comforting and oh so needed little pill. I wasn't back to my old self per say, I was a new person- a more patient {if that exisists} mom, more in control of my feelings, and didn't want to punch everyone, just a select few;}
When I haven't taken my hero, Chucky will say to me, "Did you take your crazy pill?" Which I really don't mind when he calls it that because that is how he sees me when I don't take it.
I find it funny that people are ashamed, secretive, and don't want people to know that they are on an antidepressant. WHAT? WHY? Maybe someone might be going through some of the same things that you are and need to know that something is helping someone else so they can open up to their doctor and get their "hero".
My mom told me that they didn't have an antidepressant or help when she had us 4 and god how I wish they did, my mom was like Jekel and Hyde. SERIOUSLY!
So thank you to the pharmaceutical company who invented it, my perscriber and to my pharmascist, because without you I might be on the front of our local newpaper "Mom Kills Kid, Kills Self"
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Pom Love

Over at Aubut Family Win a 22 Gift card to Pom Love!
These are too cute;}
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