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Monday, November 02, 2009

Coffee Can Caddy

Coffee Can Caddy

Total Time Needed:

Afternoon Or Evening

Store everything from colored pencils and crayons to a deck of cards in this handy carryall.


6 coffee cans

Fine-grain sandpaper

12- by 10-inch pine board

Scroll saw

Hot glue gun

Drill with a 1/4-inch bit

Six 1/2-inch round-head screws


Metal spray paint


To paint the cans, first rough up the outsides a bit with the sandpaper. Then, spray the cans in a well-ventilated area, according to the directions on the paint can. Let the paint dry completely.

Next, position the board so that the long edges are at the top and bottom. Use the scroll saw to cut a handhold 1 inch down from the top and to shape the upper corners of the board, if desired. Lightly sand the cut edges.

With the glue gun, attach the cans to the wood, three on each side, as shown. Drill a hole through each can (the side against the wood) about 1/2 inch down from the rim and screw the cans to the board.

Load 'er up with craft supplies or stashes of little toys.

You can find this awesome how to here:

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