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Sunday, September 06, 2009

My son the computer genius

Today my son got out his video camera that he got a couple of years ago from santa and started to make his own movie. Let me tell you that this camera is nothing special really, well I guess it is to maybe a two year old who really wanted it, the picture is actually pretty good, the sound is pretty good and did I also mention it takes pictures. Anyway he and my mother tried to put it on you tube and couldn't get it on there, well after a little while and some poking around he figured it out on his own, he is so proud of himself as am I and my mother, because we couldn't figure it out. It turned out quiet well, even though he set the camera on top of the alarm clock, on top of two other boxes and was filming the t.v. with the sound on while he was giving his own comentary..... it turned out great for a first time filmmaker!!! Watch my blog because I might have some of his movies on here, so keep checking back!!!! To see his video check out you tube and look for mydogtre videos.
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