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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hip Bag!

I saw this really cool bag somewhere, but I couldn't remember where, so I typed in "belt bag" and what do you know I found them!!!! The place that sells them is called Happy Cow Belts " Belts and Bags for People on the Go" "their a company in Austrailia; yes I know it sounds funny but they have some really awesome "bags" that are on a belt and you wear them on your hip. NO it is NOT a fanny pack (but they do carry those too).

Leather Hip Bags - A Practical & Fashionable Atlernative To Carrying A Bag

This Happy Cow bestseller provides a discreet, highly practical way to carry all your valuables and keep your hands free at the same time. This designer belt bag is the newest addition to our range and is designed to fit through normal belt loops.

The Hip Bag is one of the most popular belts in our range for a good reason; it provides plenty of storage space without appearing bulky. This belt is designed to sit snug against your thigh and expand when you have a lot of things to take out with you. This is the fashionable belt that is similar to Fiona's Fanny Pack on Burn Notice!

Each Happy Cow product is made from high-quality leather that has been sourced (as excess) from large furniture manufacturers. There are three major benefits of sourcing our leather in this way:

1. Less Pressure on the Environment - by only using recycled leather, we do not contribute to the demand for mass-breeding of farm animals. The United Nations website states that the mass-breeding of livestock is one of the major contributors to global warming.

2. No Unnecessary Suffering - By using what would otherwise be thrown away, we are able to avoid the unnecessary suffering of animals for the sake of human comfort. Animals are made to suffer too often for very superfluous reasons. Just because animals cannot be heard, doesn't mean they do not have the right to a peaceful life.

3. Cost Savings - By using recycled leather we are able to purchase our raw materials at a much cheaper price than if we were purchasing it directly from the tannery. Where else can you get fashionable, handmade, genuine leather items for less than $100?

If I could afford one I would be all over it, but I am a POOR college student, a single mom, and oh yeah I have doctor's appointments almost 2 hours from my house. But why not pass on the cool find:) You can join their blog here.

This one is my FAVE!
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Auntie Cake November 16, 2009 at 10:20 PM  

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway contest! Was so nice to meet you. You sound like a superwoman! Now go and kick some cancer butt!!!