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Friday, November 20, 2009

Refreshing... Aquafresh iso-active WHITENING Toothpaste

WOW! Aquafresh iso-active WHITENING Toothpaste is absolutely amazing. When you put it on your toothbrush, it seems as though it is just a regular toothpaste- until you put it in your mouth and start brushing. The Aquafresh iso-active Toothpaste turns into a rich frothy foam! At first it doesn't feel like you are getting a good clean because it doesn't burn your mouth like other toothpastes. When I was done brushing I could feel just how clean that my teeth were; the freshness was great, it lasted all day. The one thing that I would suggest when using the Auqafresh iso-active WHITENIG Toothpaste is to go light on the paste, because it is a rich frothy foam.

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