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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Shimiving I Have No Gifts To Be Giving...

I finally gave in and did my Thanksgiving shopping. But Christmas is right around the corner and I have yet to work on one of my Christmas gifts:O Yeah I am one of those people who think that they are going to win the lottery and be rich and am waiting for it to happen; yet have never even bought a ticket.
I have a lot of great ideas, yet I don't have the skills to acomplish them, I am just going to try and hope that I succeed. I would it if all of you crafties could suggest some really easy and adorable crafty gifts that this beginner skill-less but dedicated girl could try or even use for my Christmas gifts.
I hope all of you are doing a lot better on your gifts for the holidays; don't be like me- scared, just buy that lottery ticket and give it a go because that is what I am going to do this weekend and next week ok up to the very last second:}
Buy that lottery ticket so that you can have that BeAuTiFuL DaY!!
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