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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chucky's Christmas Concert

So I get a call at about 11:45a.m. from a pre-recorded message saying that Chucky's schoo was having their Christmas Concert at 1:00p.m. Imagine this: Mom not showered, not feeling so well, and being lazy in bed. So I hurry and call Nana and Papa to see it they are going to be there, Nana had to work and Papa was just finishing up his shopping{his work raises money every year for needy families in our area & then they get to go shopping for them, we like to paricipate & Papa appreciates all of the help he can get tee hee}. So I jump in the shower and head over to Chucky's school. Watching for Papa and getting worried because the 3rd grade is up there singing and I think that Chucky's class is next, well Papa got lucky, they decided to do the 5th grade instead of the 4th! WEEW! So Papa finally showed up, and Chucky's class is up there{Chucky didn't think we were coming because he didn't tell us}
 Hence Chucky looking sad:{

Why should I sing, my family isn't here to see me:{

Not really caring, nobody is here to watch me.

He finally see's us after the concert was over!    

There were swing dancers in front of them dancing so that is why he is looking down.
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