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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's My Golden Globe......

I received this awesome award from my friend Jen at Jael Custom Designs.
She has an awesome blog!

So as I accept this award; pass it to 5 other deserving blogs, I need to tell you about 5 things that I like to do.

1. I enjoy spending time with Chucky, yeah he sometimes drives my crazy sometimes, but I couldn't have it any other way! We enjoy going to the movies, playing games, reading stories, snuggling, and just chillaxin!
2. I enjoy eating! I love to try new foods, and L-O-V-E baked goodies:p So that brings me to cooking, I do like to cook, but not as much as I love to eat, If I made it, it probably isn't edible:{ But at least I tried.
3. I am enjoying the blogging world! It is really awesome getting to know people that you never would have known if it weren't for the internet! All of the peeps that I have met have been so nice. I like being nosy!
4. I enjoy alone time, I do like going to the movies by myself:) I like being able to sit through a movie without handing "someone" else their popcorn, soda, or snack. I like that I don't have to accompany that certain someone to the restroom when it's just getting good, I don't like sharing my snacks, and I like saving that extra money!! LOL
5. I enjoy crafting, I just learned how to sew , I taught myself how to knit, although it isn't as professional as I want it to be, it'll get there. I love making cards, bracelets, hair bows, barrets, and scrapbooking.{I know it sounds funny that I like making all of the girly things when I have a boy, but that's why I  it}

Don't forget the rules:
Grab the award
Post it on your blog,
along with 5 things that you like to do
Pass to 5 blogs{people} you'd like to recognize.
*Don't forget to tell them about the award*

Now onto the others who have been bestowed this fabulous award:
Drum roll please.............................................................................
Ashley at Lil Blue Boo
Brandy at The Doty Bunch

Thank you Jen!

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