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Monday, December 14, 2009

Last minute gift idea.....

If you have a last minute gift to get,  check this company out!!!

I had a great experience from a host of a giveaway.....

I won a giveaway at A Giveaway Everyday. It was a great giveaway, I didn't think that I would win; much to my surprise- I DID! I was contacted, sent my item request, and sent my information. I got an email a little bit later stating that my requested item was out of stock:{ I sent a new request to find it was out of stock also:{
But wait, it got better from there. I got sent a giftcode to order if my requested item came back in stock. Well it DID!!! So I order it using my gift code- It doesn't work, I try again to no avail:{ I contact the company they said they reset the gift code and to try again. I tried again, nope nada, nothing, so I email them again {I was a real pain in the ass}. she then sent me another gift code. It WORKED!! I order my item request, email the company back to let her know that it worked.
 I received great customer care, I received prompt responses, and I received a beautiful product!
If you still don't have all of your shopping done, I HIGHLY reccomend this company!!
I was a giveaway winner, not a paying customer, and they treated me like I was their "BEST" customer!
Are you ready to find out who this company is??

It is LuShae Jewelry.
Here is a picture of the earrings that I pick from LuShae....

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