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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sick Christmas.......


So it wasn't exactly what I expected. We went to my brothers' house in Salt Lake for Christmas Eve dinner, which wasn't really what I expected. I thought that we would get to hang out, visit, eat, and let the "kids" open their presents. Yeah right, I think that I said two words to my brothers wife the whole time I was there. Needless to say we sat on the couch{for 3-4 hours}, had the kids open a few of their presents and drove the two hours back home.

 Chucky wasn't really excited about his Christmas presents from Santa. I thought that he would be jumping for joy{literally} when he saw that Santa had brought him a "high quality" camera. Boy was I wrong. He acted like he didn't even get it.

Come to find out{lucky for him} that he wasn't feeling well, apparently the long drive up to Salt Lake, the long visit, the long drive home, and not to mention that Santa woke him up about 1 hour after he fell asleep could make a kid not feel so good. He was coughing, had a fever, and it was Christmas.

I hope that you all had a memorable Christmas and have a memorable New Year!

note: this is not the only present Chucky got. After he opened the "high quality" camera, I took video of the rest of the present opening. Yeah I know I am a horrible mother, I didn't get any pictures of my son opening the other presents that he got;{ He did get way to much though!

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Theta Mom December 30, 2009 at 7:37 PM  

Being sick stinks, especially for the holidays! Looks like he still had a good time!

Have a Happy New year!