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Saturday, January 02, 2010

If I Don't Resurface....

If I don't resurface in a couple of days CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD!!!!
Chucky had a pretty good Christmas- don't ask me how, Santa knows he was naughty!
Anyway I decided that it was time to go through his room and clear out the old, well I didn't realize  how old some of this stuff was that was in there. His room looks like a dump SERIOUSLY a toy dump. So I am starting to clean it out.
BTW if anybody who lives in Utah would like to buy a Train Table with 80+ Thomas Trains, 80+ Wooden tracks with wooden people, buildings, cars etc. A Thomas carrying case, Thoma play mat, and Thomas Engineer hat, please email me- he doesn't play with it anymore and it is taking up so much space in his room!
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