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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Etsy Feature....

The House of Hearts is the next Etsy shop that I It is a shop that specializes in vintage items!
I happened upon Crystals Etsy shop while being nosey again, I saw her button on my friend Lindsay's blog and thought that her button was cool and so I clicked and here we are today! Funny how life works out eh?The House Of Hearts has some amazing stuff! Crystal is a very busy gal as you will see. Share the love and go comment!

How long have you had your shop?

I am new to selling vintage as I have only had my Etsy shop for 3 months now and loving every minute of it. This past week I just opened up another Etsy shop called Freakin Awesome Prints (freakinawesomeprints.etsy.com) this shop will be a collective of my boyfriend’s art and my art. Right now we just have Paul’s art in there but I am working on some really fun greeting cards.

How great is this bag?

What do you look for in your pieces?

When I’m thrifting (I think this might just be a term used amongst vintage sellers?) for the shop I always look for things that have great color, fabric, are gently worn and something that I would wear. What that means is usually I only buy 70’s and 80’s pieces because that is what I love!

What inspires you?

Wow this is a hard question because I draw inspiration from so many things and places. But I would have to say that my boyfriend is the hugest inspiration to me. He has so many dreams and he always follows them through, he is so passionate at what he does and it really shows. (paul-laberge.com) This really makes me believe and feel like I can do anything.

Great accesories!

I have a lot of sites that I draw inspiration from as well like for vintage and fashion I love Advanced Style (http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/), LookBook (http://lookbook.nu/) and Calivintage (http://calivintage.blogspot.com/) And for art, home & writing I love these sites Seamstress for the Band (http://ontheflume.blogspot.com/), Drawn (http://drawn.ca/), A Beautiful Mess (http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/) and Desire To Inspire (http://www.desiretoinspire.net/). When I look at that list it really is all over the board for inspiration.
Vintage Pill Box!

What classifies as vintage?

Now this is a good question. This comes up often in discussions with other vintage sellers. Etsy says that anything 20 years or older is considered vintage, so this means 80’s and beyond. But if you ask some of the die hard vintage lovers and sellers of vintage anything 60’s and beyond is considered vintage. So to be honest I don’t know what the true answer is. What I do know is that I love wearing something that has history & a story behind it other then just being made in a sweat shop by Chinese girls and then spent weeks in boxes and ships to get to North America.

Do you love this and want it for a spring or summer party?

Do you have any other talents?

I don’t see myself as an overly talented person but I love photography. You put a camera in my hands and I go crazy. I have a nice little collection adding up at home but I would love to add to it when money and space allow. I am just starting to learn how to design things digitally which I think is going to open up a whole new part of my creativity. I’m also a pretty alright dancer this is because I took so many dance classes while I was growing up to help me with rhythm while I was a competitive figure skater.
Here is an outfit I put together for you!

How would you classify your style?

My personal style is random and comfy. I mix and match all sorts of colors, textures, and eras of clothing. Sometimes it looks great and other times I wish I had a full length mirror at home! Overall I have to be comfortable and I am not the biggest person for treats. I figure why would I spend so much time trying to fit in when I am meant to stand out?

What's new, coming soon, what should we watch out for?

Well for the vintage shop (thehouseofhearts.etsy.com) watch out for many more items, lots of browns, crèmes and splashes of color for the spring. For the print shop (freakinawesomeprints.etsy.com) watch out for bigger print options, more cards and well some of my designs which I hope to have up in early March!

Feel free to stop by our blog for daily updates on both our shops, fashion, art and life thehouseofhearts.com

Another thing that I love about Crystal is that she cares about our Mother Earth! Always love that!
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Chacoy you are such a sweetheart! Such a great post, Thank you so much for the love :)