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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Etsy Feature...

Love Swanky Place, when I was stalking checking out Elizabeth's Etsy shop, her aprons reminded me of my Grandma, they are a classic, chic and retro. Have you ever thought to yourself when you see something that someone has made that you love, "I bet that person can do it all!" Well that's what we have here, Elizabeth is so talented and when you hear what she has in store, your going to think "wow, where does she find the time?"

How long have you had your shop?

I have had my 'eriginals' business for two years this April and have primarily been focusing on craft shows...I opened my etsy shop around the same time but it has been on the back burning. This first quarter I am devoting all of my time and effort in the shop, social networking and getting the word out.
Full aprons

What inspires you?

I love fabric and when I see something I like, what to use it for just comes to me naturally. Most people decide to make something and look for the fabric. I look at fabric and know the perfect item to make out of it.

How did you learn your craft? Self taught etc.

My grandmother taught me how to hand sew when I was a child. Then Home Ec and I have been sewing ever since. Making my kids clothes etc...

Do you have any other talents?

I am, thankfully, well versed in most domestic arts (i.e. knitting, crochet, needlework, hand sewing and hand quilting)but at that time it was required skill.

What's new, what's to come, what should we watch out for?

My etsy listing represent about 1% of my total inventory right now and aprons are only the beginning. In addition to kitchen accessories I also have a Laundry Line which includes laundry aprons, clothspin holders, reversible ironing board covers and iron cozies, laundry bags that double as basket liners etc...and I have a Sewing Room Line with that also has aprons (of course) sewing kit organizers, needle cases and board covers and iron cozies.

Laundry Line

How do you classify your style?

Retro wear...Swanky Place is all about taking dull domestics and breathing new life into it. Like Dorothy going from black and white to color.

Why do you enjoy doing what you do?

I don't know why I enjoy what I do...I just do, but I will say that the support of my husband and family allow me to enjoy it to the fullest.

Half Aprons

Do you make your own patterns?

Yes. I make all of my own patterns which are copyright protected.

Are you going to sell your patterns?

I'm not sure. But I have not ruled it out.
Flirt Aprons

How do you choose your fabric?

Unfortunately I can't buy everything...dang it, and I have way more then I need but first there is a spark... like a shiny object being dangled in front of me. Then, I think what I could use it for and if it is in my price range. Designer fabrics are limited and usually only available for one season so I have to make my choices wisely. but it defiantly starts with that spark.

Girly Aprons

If you have a favorite fabric/designer, what, who and why?

Of course Amy Butler is my all time favorite then there is Anna Marie (Horner) Valarie Wells and Heather Bailey. They are so fresh and vibrant.

Have you ever created a piece that you didn't want to sell?

No not really, but sometimes I'll put something on 'Shelly' my manikin and just crack up it's so cute. I'll be by myself laughing my socks off. Thank goodness that happens more often then not. So it comes full circle. Perhaps that is what inspires me...

Is there anything else that you want us to know about you, your shop or your products?

Not much more then that. Nothing fancy here. I live in a fifth wheel in an RV Park with my husband and two dogs - we want to get out of the city for more rural living. So no big studio.

There are photos on my facebook page http://facebook.com/eriginals and http://flikr.com/eriginals.

Now you can see why I love Swanky Place! Please visit Elizabeth's shop and leave her some comment !
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Anonymous,  February 25, 2010 at 9:35 AM  

You're so awesome...thank you for featuring my shop...Betty (swankyplace spokesperson) thanks you too.

Clueless_Mama February 27, 2010 at 7:19 PM  

I love the laundry line apron. How cute is that? I will be visiting the store. THANKS! I am your newest follower from Friday Follow:) http://www.guessingalltheway.com