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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Get to Know Me Saturday....

Ok so it's Saturday again, and I know that we are all busy with Easter. But as promised, I am going to continue with the get to know me Saturday. If you read the first one then you know a little about me.
So here goes...
1. I don't like being home alone- My son goes on vacation with my mom and dad for the 4th of July. They go to my sisters in Washington State and are only gone for a few days. Everytime he goes, I think of all of the things that I am going to do: sleep in, clean the whole house, iron, sleep in, and just relax. Do you think any of that happens? No, I am missing him to much to do anything. The house is to quiet, to clean and there is no laundry to do except mine, oh and sleep in, I can't!

2. I have to have clothes ironed- I can't wear it unless it has been ironed. This is a bad habit that I got Chucky into now. He will ask for a certain shirt and I tell him to look in the iron basket and he will just tell me that he can't wear it because it's not ironed.

3. I am not a big fish eater- I don't mind some fish, but am just not that into it.

4. I am not the type of person who worries about weight- When I was growing up my whole family{aunts, dad, aunts, dad} were always talking about it or telling us "Your gonna get fat!" "You got fat!" After I had my son home and he was able to go outside, we went to eat breakfast and I ran into my Great Aunt and she said "You got fat," I said "Yeah, I did gain a little weight after I had my son, but I don't care." She looked like she saw a ghost, and I said that what I eat and how much weight I gain is none of her business. But it never failed, everytime I saw her she always told me how fat I was.

5. I love lip balm- I used to only buy it at Bath & Body Works when they had the American Girl line. But when they stopped carrying it, I had to try and find a new lip balm that I love, it hasn't gone as smoothe as I would have loved it too, but I know that there has to be a good one out there that I love!

You know how it works, if you want to know something about me, leave a comment, and I will answer it on Saturday. If you would like us to know more about you leave a link in the comments and we will come and get to know you!

Chucky and I hope that all of you have a Safe & Happy Easter!
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