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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Happy Boo Day-Chucky's Birthday Party

So Chucky's Birthday was on September 30th and he told me the Tuesday before that he wanted a birthday party!!! Yeah, I was freaking out;} I had 4 exams that week and a party to plan!??
I decided that we would have it on October 2nd, what we were going to do.....no clue!
I started googling 'Halloween Party Ideas.' Well I didn't get any ideas that I could use for his party, so I got on Etsy and I found this awesome shop Paper Glitter. The owner was absolutely amazing! I sent her a convo right before closing time and the night before the party to purchase the Halloween Party Kit! She accommodated me and then some, I had a problem downloading them{not on her side} she accommodated me again, then for some reason they wouldn't print!!!  I got it figured out 'after' I sent her a convo yet she was still very accommodating. Come to find out I just had to update Adobe! If you are ever on the market for adorable printables with EXCELLENT customer service then Paper Glitter is your place!!
We had Sno Cones, Caramel Apples, Pop Corn, A Buffet of Candy, Mummy Dogs, Cupcakes and a lot more! They played games, bobbed for apples and had a blast! Even though I did it all in 24 hours I think it turned out great!
Look how cute Chucky's party turned out:

One of the banners included in the Halloween Party Kit from Paperglitter.

Brain Juice
{I bought the container at Walmart}
The Dessert Table

The popcorn box my brother made to hold the popcorn!
He used Halloween scrapbook paper, tape and a knife to make the holes.
I used this tutorial to make the cones.

This is another view of the desserts & printables that I used.
I bought all of the glass jars at the Dollar Store. I made the cup cake stand out of a plate & candle stick both from the Dollar store. I applied E-6000 to the candle stick, placed a heavy book ontop & let dry overnight.

Cupcake toppers from Paperglitter's Halloween Party Kit
I couldn't find my circle hole punch so I used zig-zag scissors to cut them out.

Skull ice cube mold that I got at Walmart.

Sno Cone syrups with bottle wrappers from Paperglitter's Halloween Party Kit.
{Can you tell I did them at 4:00 in the morning?}

Close up of Paperglitter's Editable Halloween Party Kit & close up of the mummies I made out of Oreo Cookies from this tutorial. I didn't have eyes so I used black frosting in a tube with a toothpick. I also tried it with the Nutter Butters for Ghosts, but forgot to seprate them before adding the mummies 'bandages' so they all ended up being mummies;}
A BIG Thank you to Linnette fom Paperglitter, my mom & my brother for all of your help without all of you this wouldn't have turned out so great! I appreciate it and I know that Chucky does too! Happy Halloween;}

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JoeyfromSC October 4, 2010 at 4:23 PM  

WOW, I'm SO impressed! lol-Turned out fantastic!! Thanks for sharing the pics! I love decorating and doing parties for kids too-Wanna start a business together?lol:)

The Original Drama Mama October 4, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

I love Paper Glitter - her stuff is adorably funky! Glad to hear how great she is to work with in case I order from her shop :)

linnette from www.paperglitter.com October 6, 2010 at 7:29 AM  

This party turned out great! I am so touched by all of your sweet words and mentioning my shop :) Thank you so much.



Chacoy October 7, 2010 at 11:56 PM  

Thanks a lot! I had a lot of fun & only wish I had more time to do everything that I wanted to do!

lindsey-it was! The kid had a blast & so did I;} It makes me want to do more!! mwahahaha

Joey-Anytime we can plan & decorate from here to there! lol

Drama Mama-You will not be disappointed, just plan ahead to make sure you have time to pick out one of her cute kits and the ideas to do it all in, because once you get going it's hard to stop!! I hope you will get some of her stuff-she offers a lot in her kits and some are editable too!!

Linnette-THANK YOU! Without you it wouldn't have even turned out! You deserve all of the sweet words & more;}

Terri-Thanks! I thought so too;}

Just remember Paperglitter is the place to go for cute printables and top notch customer service!!