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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Isn't It Amazing?

When me, my older sister and two younger brothers were little we did some crazy things; so I always ask my mom, 'Isn't it amazing that we're still alive?'
We lived in a small yet growing neighborhood. The houses weren't developed across the street yet and it was covered in dirt and had some hills of dirt that were almost like a motorcycle track. It was dubbed 'The Hills.' We would put plywood onto cinder blocks and make our own ramps then go through the whole track jumping and flying through hill after hill. It was a blast! Right before you get into 'The Hills' there is a little bit of gravel and we would pull into the gravel really fast and slam on our brakes to make skid marks. I was on my brothers old BMX bike, this little bike was fast and it wasn't but 4-5 feet off the ground, so I was pedaling and pedaling, I was going extremely fast when I hit the gravel I slammed on my brakes and instead of making skid marks with my bike tires I made skid marks with my leg. I skid all the way through the gravel up onto the sidewalk on my left leg. I tried to stand up but couldn't walk, my left leg went numb from the pain. The neighbor Tidge made an emergency lift out of a piece of cardboard tied to his bike. I rolled on top of the cardboard and he dragged me across the street to my house. My brother opened the door to get my mom and you could hear her hollering at us not to come into the house that she was cleaning(That's a whole other story-stay tuned!). My brother hollered back, 'Coy got hurt and we need your help!' She came outside and started to freak out at all of the blood and gravel in my leg. I said it's okay, I just need to ge it cleaned up so  can get back outside.
My mom wasn't really squeamish unless there was blood.

 I am going to be posting many more 'Isn't It Amazing' posts and hope you'll love them just as much as I love the memories! Do you have any 'Isn't It Amazing' stories from when you were little or with your kids? Let me know, I want to hear em!
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