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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


so i got sewing lessons for my birthday and haven't been able to take the lessons yet because of my treatments and school and life and kids and well ya know. so i was on the same street as the shop where i am supposed to take my sewing lessons and figure i would stop in and see what day and time would work best for teacher. as i am walking in the door i see a sign that says CLOSING just like that in all capitol letters and my heart drops into my stomach as i try and imagine taking lessons from a women who's shop is closing. i go inside and the lady that is in there is busy so i just started looking around and notice there are signs all over that say everything in the store is 50% off so i start grabbing fabrics, notions, trims, zippers, interfacing basically anything i could get my hands on. i got in line and when it was my turn i asked the lady about the sewing lessons that are paid and if i could still get them. she tells me that she probably won't be doing anything of the sort until the end of February or beginning of march. i am a little sad to hear this as i am ready to get busy. yet i understand that she can't keep a store open just because i have sewing lessons. so i gathered a few yards of fabric-nothing special all of the good stuff was picked over but i figure i am a beginner and don't want to ruin the 'good' fabric on a  messed up project!

i was surfing the net and found an amazing giveaway at lila tueller that i just have to enter because i have been teaching myself to sew via the internet and youtube videos and need some of the fabulous fabric for a project that i am going to be doing really soon.....a baby quilt for a special baby!!!
if you want to enter to win just head on over here.
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