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Thursday, February 24, 2011

BlogMania Sponsor-Batty's Bath

If you've been reading my blog for a while or are just tuning in, I  Batty's Bath!
She makes some of the most amazing handmade soaps, shampoos, lip balms, deodorants and so much more! I have made some purchases from her and have NOT been disappointed. I even got my 9 year old nephew hooked! He has eczema and the skin on his hands has gotten really dry to the point of almost bleeding. So I contacted Jamie, she made a suggestion and I went with it and my nephew is in heaven with soft skin and great smelling lotions for his hands and body.

Jamie is always creating and making items for her shop. She has recently released her 100% Natural Cold Press Soaps. They are made from scratch using old world techniques and ingredients. There are no short cuts when it comes to the cold press method. These soaps take weeks to cure but are well worth the wait.
Batty's Bath handmade method of soap making ensures that the most amount of glycerin possible is retained unlike commercial soap making. Retaining the glycerin makes a softer, milder soap which is emollient and moisturizing to the skin.
Batty's Bath Cold Press Soap is ideal for those with sensitive skin, for conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis or anyone allergic to commercial soap because they don't strip the skin of it's natural beneficial oils. Isn't the packaging stunning?

Along with the release of her 100% Natural Cold Press Soaps, she has an amazing Facial Rescue Kit.
Since being diagnosed with cancer, I have skin like a high school teenager and it isn't getting any better, I am thrilled to know that Batty's Bath offers something that isn't going to be harsh on my skin and will not only clear it up but keep it clear! Whether you suffer from breakouts, scars from previous acne breakouts or uneven skin tone now is the time to change your skin care regiment!
With the Facial Rescue Kit, it will get you started on the path to figuring out what your skin needs to keep it healthy, smooth and glowing!
Products in the kit:
-Patchouli Facial Moisturizer:
Known for it's unique ability to combat skin irritations, acne & inflammation.
-Facial Primer & Day Moisturizer:
Contains 3 natural clays that are each added for specific skin loving reasons.
1st clay is used to add 'slip' making it a good primer, giving your skin a super smooth & soft texture so makeup goes on flawlessly without getting 'caught' on imperfections, dry spots or fine lines.
2nd clay is added to improve the overall state of your skin by working to reduce dryness & flakiness, while improving clarity & tone.
3rd clay is added to combat skin imperfections such as excess oil, break outs & scars.
-Clay Mask(dry formula):
Gives you an extra boost of clay benefits because it is highly concentrated. It is picked for it's known ability to calm break outs, reduce redness, diminish the look of scars & is the strongest of all the clays for detoxification. Minerals in the clay help rebalance oil flow & strengthen the skin.
-Mineral Makeup Concealing Powder:
Conceals scars, redness, blemishes, dark eye circles, black heads and other imperfections.
Made with 100% natural ingredients, doesn't contain nano or micronized minerals, perfume, parabens, dyes, bismuth, oxychloride or talc.
The Facial Rescue Kit retails for $26. That's a steal knowing it is all natural and isn't going to be harsh on your skin like other acne treatments.

I am really excited that Batty's Bath is one of the sponsors for BlogMania and one lucky Ma21cuteboy reader will win a $20 gift certificate to the shop!!

You can visit and show her some ♥ here:
Batty's Bath  Blog
Batty's Bath on Facebook
Batty's Bath on Twitter
Batty's Bath Etsy shop

*Please note this is not the giveaway. The giveaway will take place on April 9th & 10th.*

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for
this post. The opinions expressed are that of my own & others' may differ. Thank you Jamie for your generosity and providing the winner with a fabulous gift card.*
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