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Monday, May 23, 2011

Nutrisystem 10 Day Challenge Days 1 & 2

When I knew I was going to be trying the Nutrisystem Nation 10 day challenge, I was really excited to have that swift kick in the pants to actually get myself in gear to change my habits and yet terrified that I was going

to be changing my habits.

I am not the type of person who goes to a buffet and eats plate after plate with a system of getting my money's worth and my habits when I eating at home are different as well. I can feel as though I am starving but as soon as I take one or two bites I feel full, not hungry or the food wasn't what I really wanted. I thought something was wrong but it was actually the types of food that I was eating, greasy, loaded with carbohydrates, trans fat and all of the other good stuff that makes food good. So I am excited to get the opportunity to make changes with my food habits and lifestyle.

When the food arrived via Schwann's in a large keep cold bag I was thinking wowzers that is a lot of food but when I opened up the box and started to take the food out I went into shock when I looked at the portion sizes I was thinking to myself, 'This is what a portion size is supposed to be and the thought that I was placing three times more of that on my plate snapped me back into reality! Although I wasn't eating all of what was on my plate I knew what I was eating was entirely way to much!

The food sounded so good and looked amazing on the packages. So much so that as I pulled each item out of the box when my son was planning his meal 'I will have the homestyle pancakes for breakfast, the meatball sub for lunch and the turkey pepperoni pizza for dinner!' I thought, 'Wow he thinks it looks good too, unfortunately there isn't enough for both of us.'

The first day was a little intimidating because in the morning I make breakfast for Chucky and myself as we talk about our dreams, what our plans are for the day(at school),if we have anything to do after school and what we are making for dinner.

Day One:
Breakfast-Ham & Cheese Omelet an omelet with ham and cheese.
This was amazing! I love ham & cheese and omelets so this was right up my alley! I added some home made fresh salsa on top and fresh fruit.

Lunch-Steak & Cheese Melt it has roast beef, brown gravy, white cheddar cheese, onion, and green peppers in a soft baked crust.
It was great with good flavor, I also added a small salad with vinegar and oil.
Dinner-Salisbury Steak with Macaroni and Cheese it's a beef patty with mushrooms, gravy and cheesy macaroni.
I didn't care for the Salisbury Steak, although it did have great flavor. I am just not a brown gravy girl. The macaroni and cheese was good and flavorful as well. I paired it with a small side salad and some corn.
Dessert-Caramel Swirl Sundae, vanilla ice cream with a swirl of caramel.
Very delish! It was creamy and just the right amount of caramel.

Day Two:

Breakfast-Homestyle Pancakes
They were very good. I didn't add syrup, instead I added fresh fruit and had some yogurt.
Lunch-Toasted Ham and Cheese in a crispy crust filled with ham and cheese.
This wasn't one of my favorites either. I love ham & cheese but the crispy crust was not my cup of tea.
I paired it with some cottage cheese.
Dinner-Turkey Pepporoni Pizza with a combination of mozzarella, asiago and Parmesan cheeses, zesty tomato sauce and spicy turkey pepperoni on a hearty crust.
This was delicatable! It is like the size of a slice and I was full on three slices(Chucky had to try it!) It was very tastey and full of flavor!
Dessert-Orange Creme Bar
This took me back to when I was little and my dad would take us to get a dream bar. MMMM very good!

As I stated before, I wasn't prepared for the small portion sizes but it sure did fill me up because I paired them with healthy side dishes as well. I also made sure that Chucky and I did some type of exercise. Each day we went on a walk, rode bikes or played the Wii. I started to feel really good it's like my body was saying, 'THANK YOU!!'

*Diclosure: I was provided with food for ten(10) days for the Nutrisystem 10 Day Challenge from the company or pr rep to facilitate this reveiw. The opinions expressed are that of my own & others' may differ. NOTE: Please see your Dr. before starting a diet or excersise regimen.*
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