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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Has it really been 10 years?????

 Yesterday was my sons tenth birthday, wow just thinking that ten years ago today I had my son, and if you read my other post you will know why this is a great day not only for me but for my son also. He decided not to have a party this summer he wanted to go to Boondocks  instead, which was fine with me all the money spent on a party was spent on the two of us hanging out and having some fun. All day long he asked me if I got him a present and I kept telling him yeah we went to Boondocks remeber, knowing that he already knew that and just asked for one present, an xbox game. I acted like I didn't get him anything, and he looked really sad,( I will post pictures later this week). When I brought down the present for him to open he again looked really sad, maybe because I wrapped it in a shirt box with plastic bags on top and all around the sides so that it sounded like a shirt wrapped inside of tissue paper. When he finally got the wrapping paper off nad took out alll of the plastic sacks, his eyes lit up and he got one of the biggest smiles on his face. I just know that I have counted them all down, one minute, one hour, one day,one year, two years, five years, and ten years I won't stop counting because we were not counting on these moments, these years, these birthdays and we've got em so who am I to complain!!!!
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