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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Don't Have a Code, GET ONE!!!

Don't you hate it when you get emails or mail with a discount code when you don't have the money? Then when you have the money, there is not discount code in sight! It happens to me all of the time!
Do I have something great for you today!!! You can either type in "discount code" into your favorite search engine along with the name of the company you are making the purchase, and I also found some great websites where you can get "discount" codes such as free shipping, a certain amount off on something.
I feel like "We should never have to pay full price or shipping on anything no matter how much we spend!"

Coupon Winner- couponwinner.com
Coupon Cabin- couponcabin.com
Current Codes- currentcodes.com
1 Stop Market Place- 1stopmarketplace.com

Let me know if you get any great deals!!
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